The AmazingTransformation of an “Ugly” Fabric

UGLY BUBBLE PRINT 300x238 The AmazingTransformation of an Ugly Fabric

When you walk into a class on color for quilters and the instructor says, “Write down three colors you hate,” you pretty much know that an honest answer will come back to haunt you. That's exactly what happened when I enrolled in “Visual Coloring” with Davida Hyland at the City Quilter in New York City. The answer was easy: avocado green, harvest gold and most any shade of pink.

I was soon assigned to make a quilt in this trio of colors. Horrified, I began to shop for fabric because, of course, I had none in my stash that fit the assignment. To my amazement, I found a fabric with all three colors – Matrix by Benartex. Passing up the same fabric in an appealing blue and green colorway, I reluctantly bought a yard and a half of what I came to call “that ugly bubble print.”

About the same time, I was asked to teach a class on setting in circles – I'm a big fan of Cheryl Phillips Cut-A-Round technique. With limited time for homework and teaching prep, I combined the two. Why not design a quilt with set-in circles using that ugly bubble print? Thus was born Will It Go Round in Circles, which will be patterned in the August-September 2011 issue of Quilters Newsletter.

As the quilt came together, Ms. Hyland's skill as a teacher was evident. That ugly bubble print was transformed as it became the heart of a quilt I truly love. Who knew? My wise instructor, that's who. She knew that declaring any color off limits can stunt our growth as quilters.

I hope you'll check out my quilt when the August-September 2011 issue arrives in your mailbox or local newsstand in mid-July. In the meantime, I challenge you to write down three colors you really, really, really don't like. Then head to your local quilt shop to find the “perfect” fabric.

P.S. My apologies to Benartex for labeling their fabric anything short of beautiful.

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