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Do you sew late at night?


I do, I often spend a day browsing through my books and magazines for a pattern that inspires me.  And then looking through my fabrics for a color scheme.  But after a few stops and starts, I find one that really grabs me and I set down to seriously plan my fabrics and the quilt design.  The one above is Apples and is from Debbie Mumm's collection.  I loved getting involved with all the pieces and how they would go together.  Also, the leaves on the apple stems are applique'd and it was my first time working with fusing an applique and blanket stitching the edges.  After fusing the wrong side of the fabric or the wrong side of the paper (about 72 times-little tiny leaves), I finally figured out both and was able to move forward.  Be assured I wrote down specific instructions on how to do that on the instruction sheet in my notebook.  I certainly never want to go through that again.  But, I did fall in love with applique's.  Since I've finished this quilt, I have been looking for some simple applique'd quilts that I would like to try.

After dinner, when the sun goes down and there are no interruptions, I go into my sewing room and begin my adventure.  I either have my ipod on or the TV and I begin to carefully cut out my pattern pieces. My chihuahua is cuddled up on the chair and blanket, my Lapso is curled up on the machine foot pad until I turn on the machine.  My Hubby is settled in the living room to watch football.  I know from experience, the time you spend in cutting the exact measurements of your pieces will pay off when you sew them together.  Many times, I'll make a copy of the pattern and mark my copy with the colors and letters I am using.  This is because I'm not usually following the same colors as the book and I get confused really fast.  I like it when the pattern calls each color by the alphabet and not by dots, stripes and grays.  I use post it notes to put on each piece pile and the quantity that should be there.  It's awful to be putting the blocks together and realize that I'm missing one or two from the last one or two blocks.  What a pain to get out the fabric and cut again or go through the scraps and hope that I have some big enough for the pieces I'm missing.

It's fun to see how fast it goes when I'm not interrupted.  Before I know it the pieces are all laid out in piles, labeled and in the place where they will eventually be sewn to each other.  Now because no one is there to tell me to go to bed, of course, I figure will I can sew a few together before I retire.  A few!  Hah!  I've been know to sew until 2 or 3 in the morning without realizing it.  What fun!  So much accomplished, I can see the soon to be result and I go to bed to dream of shapes and fabrics.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow to sew late again.