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Baby Quilts for Children's Hospital


I recently made seven baby crib quilts for the local Children's Hospital.  They were kind enough to give my Hubby and I a tour of the new premi baby wards.  So tiny!  Some only 2.6 pounds.  Many babies there are born of drug addicted parents and this makes their stay and recovery special.  They will also give them a quilt if child becomes attached to it.  I love knowing that my quilts are making a baby, child happy and to feel better just by being wrapped in my quilts. 

I made the Kitty & Duck quilts from Debbie Mum's patterns.  They are so fast and fun to make.  The Heart quilt pattern came from Hearts are Forever by Four Corners.  The Whimsical Cottages came from my own idea.  I love the schoolhouse pattern.  I gave each house a flowered front yard and green backyard.  Must be twilight since you can see the stars.  I imagine the pink as roads and three houses on each road.  Sewed lace into the windows and a button doorknob.  The kittys have applique'd stuffed hearts.  This is a great size to make, you can sew them in just a couple of days.

I'm thinking I'll try some more variations of the schoolhouse design.  It was a lot of fun looking through my scraps for the houses.  This house pattern is just three pieces.  Mixing up the fabrics is fun and adding decorative stiches to the edges makes it even more interesting.  I've seen some where the windows had embrodered curtains, people and lamps in them.  I thought about making the door with a snap so you could open and shut it.  Maybe having someone standing in the doorway when you opened it.  I'm always looking through Quilt magazines to see other ways to decorate my quilts.


Nana said:

All of your quilts are beautiful and such an awesome cause.  God Bless.

# August 30, 2010 6:45 PM

Barbara said:

Wonderful quilts ,wondrful cause .Well done,,Barbara

# August 31, 2010 5:10 AM

Anonymous said:

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