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May 2013 - Posts

The reality doesn't always match the vision

Last fall my friend and I went to a quilt show, A Quilter's Gathering.  At the show, we discovered that they were having a challenge for all quilters in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Gathering, where the quilter would purchase a fat quarter bundle and make a quilt that would be part of the show this coming fall.  The quilts have to be turned in by August 15.  We were very excited by the idea of having a quilt on display, so we each purchased a bundle, although this particular design style was outside of my usual "thing." 

Earlier this year we got together and cut out our chosen patterns.  I put my parts into a box and set it aside for a bit. My friend put her quilt together, but she did not like how it was coming out; the pieces were not aligning correctly and further examination of the illustration revealed that they weren't perfectly aligned there either.  She decided to try a different pattern but she had to purchase more fabric, of course (what a hardship!).  Meanwhile, I just started sewing mine together last weekend.  I used the same pattern that I used for the Teal Wheel, which was challenging but I thought it would work well with the fabrics.  I made the first wedge, and though it only has about 7 seams, I think I must have ripped about 12 seams.  I was talking to myself very heatedly by the time the wedge was together.  Finally, I could get a glimpse of what was to come! 

I hated it.  Hated it, hated it.  It didn't look at all like I expected it to, and I hated it.  Did I mention that I hated it?  :-)  Anyway, now I am at the same point my friend was  a few weeks ago, except that she is binding hers and I have yet to purchase more fabric.  I have settled on another pattern, however.   We are going to a small quilt show this Saturday and there is a vendor there that I know has that line of fabric, so I am hopeful that they will have what I am looking for.  It's not long until August, after all, and I need to get on the stick!