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The Vanishing Needle

During the month of December, I did not do much sewing.  I spent my time getting ready for the holiday and, of course, working.  This is when I really noticed the difference in spare time between working 25 and 40 hours a week - getting ready for Christmas was much less relaxing! 

Once the New Year started, I decided to get back to quilting.  I had a NICU baby quilt all quilted, just waiting for the binding to be put on, as well as a couple of children's fabric charm packs waiting in the wings.  However, Murphy's Law struck again.  As I was changing the needle, I dropped it - right down into the hole by one of the feed dogs!  A tiny, tiny hole, not much bigger than the actual needle, yet I managed to do it.  The top of the needle was just sticking out so I took my long bent forceps and grabbed it.  So far, so good.  Alas, when I started carefully pulling the needle out, I lost it, and down it went, completely into the bed of the machine.  {Insert bad word here}  I took out the bobbin case on the off chance that I would be able to see it or get at it from there, but no dice.  I could not see anythihg remotely resembling a needle in there.  Apparently there is a Bermuda Triangle inside my machine!  

I wasn't sure whether this would be a problem and it was a holiday, so I decided to be better safe than sorry and wait until I could call my local dealer.  I was dreading bringing my machine in there and having to leave it for a week.  When I called them, though, they said that the needle probably went down into a "dead zone" where there were no moving parts (or parts of any kind, for that matter).  She suggested that I turn the wheel slowly by hand and if I didn't hear any bad sounds, I was all set. 

You can bet I turned that wheel pretty slowly!!  No bad sounds!  I was in business.  I put binding on and hand sewed it during one of the football games last weekend. 

We can't ever be sure what the coming year will bring...but it's starting with the usual small goofy incidents of life!


Dawn said:

I did that just a couple days ago; I could see just the top cm of the needle. My husband was able to get out with a tweezers. I'm not changing needles again without fabric or paper over the feed dog/needle area! UUUgghhhh!

# January 8, 2013 6:39 PM

Linda said:

What a scarry experience! I just had a bird's nest and in trying to get it out I think I pulled the thread cutter. Now I have a funny noise. My baby left for the sewing machine hospital yesterday. I hope she'll be ok. Her sister is old and is taking on a lot of work while she's getting fixed up.

# January 9, 2013 11:45 AM

Elizabeth said:

Ack! So glad it turned out ok

# January 9, 2013 11:30 PM