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October 2012 - Posts

Time slips by

When I first began this blog, a little over a year ago, my goal was to post once a week.  HA!  I was just a tad optimistic there...However, I did manage once a month or more, until now.  It's a little disturbing how time slips by unnoticed, and one day you look at the calendar and realize that it's time to get out the Halloween decorations and make sure you have good winter boots!

I have managed to squeeze a little bit of quilting into my days, though.  I made two more NICU quilts, one from a charm pack (my usual 5 x 6 with a small border) and one from an I Spy panel (which turned out extremely cute).  I quilted the I Spy panel along the lines of the triangles between the hexagons and it made a nice pattern on the back.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to take the two quilts to the hospital that I totally forgot to take pictures of them.   

Have you seen any of the tutorials from Missouri Quilt Co?  I have subscribed to their You Tube channel.  Jenny explains things very well, and she loves to use the words "cute," "darling," and "adorable."  She is adorable too!  Anyway, in her videos she demonstrates a number of different things to do with precuts.  I tried one this past weekend, called "scrappy four-patch."  Here is the link:

I like the way scrappy quilts look but I am not about to cut out a billion little squares and then sew them back together. This method appealed to me as a way to do it more quickly.  Anyway, I used the Ten Little Things charm pack and a white solid charm pack, so I ended up with four-patches that have two white squares and two colored squares - abotu a million of them!  It didn't occur to me that I would end up with so many!  Anyway, I put together a quilt top 6 x 7 squares (just to change things up a bit - ha!).  I plan to quilt diagonally through the white squares to hopefully accentuate the colors, and once it's bound I will post a picture. 

After that, it's time to get serious about Christmas...I like to make everyone pillowcases that reflect their personality.  For example, my husband has a thing about chipmunks.  He hates them, and we live in the woods so there are a lot of them around.  Last year at a quilt show I found a pretty realistic fabric with chipmunks on it and made him a pillowcase out of it.  He thought it was very funny and he loves it.  

See how the time slips by?  We are already thinking about Christmas!