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August 2012 - Posts

Mixed feelings...and back to quilting!

I had two more baby quilts to drop off at the NICU at my previous employer.  One of the physicians that I had worked with for many years was retiring and they were having a tea for him there so I decided to combine trips.  When I walked into the building, it seemed very empty.  Granted, it was 4:30, but that's not so late for a hospital.  I dropped off the quilts at the NICU, then I went to the tea.  I did see a couple of people in the hallway that I knew and spoke to briefly, and they were happy to see me.  The physician was very surprised to see me, and we had a nice chat.  There were about 10 people at the tea at that time, and I knew a couple of them.  They were happy to see me as well, and we talked for a while. I had a cookie and then I left. 

It was nice to see people again, though I was hoping there would be more people around.  It just wasn't as busy as I remember it being (and I haven't been gone that long).  The whole thing was just vaguely disappointing and unsettling.  My new employer (and I've been there THREE MONTHS - it went by quick) is a much more vital place, I think.  It confirmed to me that it had been the right time to leave, but having worked there for 30 years, it left me with a bit of an empty feeling.  It's not that I miss working there (I most definitely don't), but I spent such a large part of my life there it was odd to feel like such an outsider after such a short time.

I came home and quilted an I Spy cheater panel baby quilt, which only needs binding now.  I also pinned up another baby quilt which is ready to quilt this weekend, and pinned up a Yellow Brick Road quilt as well.  The YBR quilt top has been waiting for a year or so now, so it's about time!  I also got some fabric for pillowcases (Christmas is coming - last year I made each person in my house a pillowcase - they all loved them so I am going to do that every year from now on).    We went to a quilt show as well - once again, some amazing work is being done.  I especially love the quilts that look "real" - but not painted fabric or anything like that.  I find it interesting to see how people see the different shading that is necessary to make something look real and then are able to pick out fabric that fits their vision.  It really is fantastic!