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July 2012 - Posts

Slowly, slowly

I didn't realize how much sewing I was doing during the afternoon until I couldn't do it anymore!  When I changed jobs, I changed from getting home at 1 p.m. to getting home at 4:45 and I haven't been sewing much since.  I have been doing some work on the McCall's Mystery Quilt, putting the rows together.  I'm about halfway there.  It's really looking wonderful.  I love it when a mystery works out so well!  Once I have the top pieced I will post a picture.  I will be sending it out for quilting, though, because I don't want to wrestle with it on my sewing machine. Besides, at the rate I am going, I would be 100 years old before I got it quilted myself!

Next month I will be going to a quilt show with a friend of mine.  We go every year and it's become a tradition. I'm really looking forward to it. I find we have bought less and less fabric at the show through the years; as our stashes have grown, we have become much more selective.  Plus, we are more experienced and understand what we need/want. We spend a lot of time looking at the wonderful work that other quilters do and we have even more appreciation for their talent now that we have been quilters for a while.  That doesn't mean we won't still be dropping some pretty good money there.  Can't wait!