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The Deed is Done - A New Chapter Begins

Those of you who have read my blog before may remember that several months ago I mentioned that I was contemplating leaving my job and the organization for which I have worked for the past 30+ years.  Well, I have done it.

My boss left in January because of her own discontent with the organization, and a few weeks ago she let me know that she had an opening in her new department.  The catch?  It was a supervisory position.  Why is that a "catch," you may ask?  Well, I was a supervisor before, ending in 2000, and I had stepped down because I was burnt after 12 years of it.   I interviewed anyway, and it turns out that I already know three people in the department, two of whom actually worked for me before in that prior position.  After some consideration, I accepted the position.  I felt it was my opportunity to get the heck out of Dodge!  I haven't worked 40 hours a week since my son entered the fifth grade (he is going to be 21 in the fall) so it will be quite an adjustment for me.  However, I'm looking forward to having the extra money - "extra," of course, being a somewhat relative term, since it will be saved up for tuition for my kids.

I never, NEVER thought I would be leaving my current organization, but over the last few years I really didn't like the way things were going.  I am a little nervous to be starting completely fresh in a place I have never been (I never even knew where this place was, though I had heard of it).  Interestingly, so far I am not particularly sad about leaving my current place.  I guess it really is time to start a new chapter!

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Linda said:

Congratulations! I think since you are not feeling sad about leaving and finding out you know people at the new job, you will find that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you won't feel so stressed. You will do fine. When you are unhappy at a job, there is no sense staying there because it will show in your work and attitude. You will do great on the new job. I'm sure of it. Keep us posted. God's blessings.


# May 8, 2012 7:15 PM