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Motivation returns

I confess. I hadn't sewn anything in almost a month. The weather was SO warm...not New England-y at all. I was playing Mass Effect 3 (a video game). I was watching some spring training baseball. I just wasn't motivated to sew.

I was saved by a quilting friend of mine who works at the same company I do. A few months ago, my department was moved to another campus and we could not take our daily walks or do any show and tell anymore. Since the holidays were over, we set up a time to meet at her house and do some quilting-related activities. She has a nice finished room in her basement, roomy and inviting, and has a design wall set up as well. I had a Yellow Brick Road quilt to lay out, and she had some sewing to do.

I laid out the Yellow Brick Road quilt and helped her with her project by pulling stiff interfacing through fabric tubes for a fabric basket she was making. Voila! I was back in the mood. The next day I sewed together the blocks. Today I cut the backing for Mystery Quilt V - always an adventure, since it must be done on the floor and the cat usually comes and acts like a paperweight while I am trying to work! Tomorrow I can spend some time pinning the sandwich together, and possibly sew up the Easter wallhanging (no piecing necessary, just sandwiching and quilting). 

I think I have recovered from spring fever.  It's good to be back! 


Pamela said:

We all go through those periods. Welcome back!

# March 28, 2012 7:53 PM

Linda said:

I completely resemble what you describe!!!! I've just worked my way back into my sewing room. Still a little unorganized from all the unpacking since returning from AZ and adopting an 18 month old puppy!! Indy thinks my sewing chair is his chair!!


# March 28, 2012 8:33 PM