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I don't want to do it!

My sister-in-law requested that I make a Christmas stocking for a college girl who is living with her, and I agreed (I felt too guilty saying no).  She sent me a list of things (cats, favorite color, etc) that she likes.  As I was going through my stash and seeing what I could put together, I was surprised to find that I was very unhappy with this project.  It seems so simple, but I just can't get interested in it.  I am unhappy with all the fabric, I can't decide on a pattern, it's just a mess. In fact, I'm really hating the whole thing at this point.   I have a couple of combinations picked out but I'm not that excited about them. My SIL is coming over tomorrow to take my daughter Christmas shopping with her, and I am going to take the opportunity to show her the options and have her decide what she wants.  She wanted to approve the fabric first, I guess, and offered to pay me. 

I've given it a bit of thought and finally decided that I'm disliking this project because I don't have complete control over it.  I have to satisfy someone else's needs in terms of fabric and pattern, and have them approve it first.  If I'm making a quilt or other item for someone as a gift, I use fabric and pattern that I think they would enjoy, but I still control it.  I don't have to get approval from anyone.   This feels too much like work. 

Once I get the final OK on the fabric, I think it will get done quickly enough.   As with most things in life, even the minor ones like this, I've learned something - the only way I will ever make something for money is if I can make it any way I want, no approval necessary! 


Robin said:

I understand what you mean.  I've had several people offer to pay me lately to make them a quilt but I'm not sure I can live up to their expectation yet alone mine so I've turned them both down.  

I do have a suggestion since she is into so many different items being included have you considered a crazy quilt stocking.   You could so the pieces together in a large rectangle shape then cut the stocking, quilt and attach a back.  You could keep embellishments simple like a premade applique of a cat, some laces etc.

Good Luck!


# December 3, 2011 8:05 AM

Linda said:

Robin had a great idea. Or you could always say no. When I start a project I don't especially want to do I always say a prayer. The project usually turns out better than expected and the recipient usually loves it.

Have faith in yourself!


# December 4, 2011 8:09 AM

Stephanie said:

This would be tough, especially with her need to approve your choices. Maybe she has a vision that she could share to help you "see" what she is looking for. My sister wants a special trimmed tablecloth and we put together a rough sketch so that I can do it just how she wants.If the young lady has a picture of her with her favorite cat you could print that onto photo printing fabric and incorporate that into her stocking.

Happy sewing to you, it'll go fast once you have a plan.

# December 4, 2011 8:16 AM

KATHY said:

I like the crazy quilt idea robin has.....good luck!

# December 4, 2011 12:58 PM

greenmonstr said:

Update - Well, she came over and I showed her the fabrics which she was very happy with, so I guess it will all work out.  I didn't feel I could refuse because she's my SIL and it seemed really petty to refuse...Thanks for your ideas and support!  I will post a picture once it's done.

# December 4, 2011 6:56 PM