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UFO landing

I found a small UFO while I was re-organizing my sewing area.  It was a 18" square table topper made with Ragtime charm squares some years ago (when the charm squares came in a little flat tin with instructions for a small table topper and a CD as well), when I was very new to quilting.  The fabric is a little wild but very striking, which is what drew me to it.  I figured I would sandwich it up and quilt it so I could take it to work and brighten up my office. 

I discovered something.  It's amazing that I got anything to fit together back then!  It wasn't particularly square, some of the seams were a very interesting combination of widths, and some of the outside pieces were wavy.  I fixed it up as much as I could and here it is:

It's actually much darker than this.  New camera necessary!  Anyway, this little project really showed me that my sewing and quilting skills have improved vastly over the last few years without me even realizing it!  Just keeping at it makes such a difference! 

So remember, we're more skilled today than we were yesterday, and even while we might be struggling with a particular block, or quilt, or technique, we'll be even better tomorrow as long as we keep at it!


Kathy said:

The colors are great.  I need to work on my UFO stash too.

# October 22, 2011 9:38 AM

Linda said:

Looks great! I know when I get frustrated with a project I throw it in a corner and forget about it for a while. Who knows how long that while can be!!!! Sometimes it ends up being something else altogether. The colors in your UFO work great together.

# October 22, 2011 12:48 PM

Charlie Disante said:

Relly pretty colors. Thanks for posting this, it may inspire me to go to my UFO's.

# November 3, 2011 8:20 PM