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October 2011 - Posts

An interesting juxtaposition

I'm watching Game 7 of the World Series tonight.   Meanwhile my husband and I are discussing whether we have enough gas in the snowblower for tomorrow's nor'easter.  It doesn't seem right to have to think about snow while watching the Boys of Summer playing on the green, green grass.  I hope we won't lose power so I can work on the mystery quilt on Sunday!  Ah, the joys of New England...

UFO landing

I found a small UFO while I was re-organizing my sewing area.  It was a 18" square table topper made with Ragtime charm squares some years ago (when the charm squares came in a little flat tin with instructions for a small table topper and a CD as well), when I was very new to quilting.  The fabric is a little wild but very striking, which is what drew me to it.  I figured I would sandwich it up and quilt it so I could take it to work and brighten up my office. 

I discovered something.  It's amazing that I got anything to fit together back then!  It wasn't particularly square, some of the seams were a very interesting combination of widths, and some of the outside pieces were wavy.  I fixed it up as much as I could and here it is:

It's actually much darker than this.  New camera necessary!  Anyway, this little project really showed me that my sewing and quilting skills have improved vastly over the last few years without me even realizing it!  Just keeping at it makes such a difference! 

So remember, we're more skilled today than we were yesterday, and even while we might be struggling with a particular block, or quilt, or technique, we'll be even better tomorrow as long as we keep at it!

It was a fine iron...

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Even when it comes to irons.

My sewing space is small.  I share a room with the computer, so I have my cutting table, my ever-growing stash, and my sewing cabinet in the room with the PC.  Thus, when my ironing board is up, there isn't much room to maneuver.  A couple of years ago, I had a little accident with my iron.  I knocked it onto the rug.  And just like a piece of buttered toast, it landed business side down.  The rug melted onto the iron.  Most of it came off the iron, but some never did and I had to pitch it. 

I bought a newer, slightly more fancy iron (by fancy I mean that the cord rolls up inside it).  Today, as I was sitting at the sewing machine, laying out my squares for the next step of the mystery quilt, my iron was heating up on the ironing board.  My husband came in and jostled the ironing board.  You guessed it - business side down again. Luckily, my husband didn't actually try to catch it as it fell, so at least my HUSBAND wasn't damaged!  That would have REALLY put a damper on the proceedings!  Anyway, once again, some rug melted onto the iron, but not as much.  I don't think it had had time to get quite hot enough.  My husband has taken custody of this iron to see if he can clean it off.  Luckily we had our original 30-year-old iron with the Teflon ironing surface so I could carry on with the mystery quilt!  What's inhaling a few chemicals in the name of quilting?!

The mystery quilt seems to be shaping up in a very interesting way...I can't wait for the next step!  Hopefully my iron will be off the disabled list by then!

A short unexpected vacation from quilting

Well, I've had a little vacation from both blogging and husband's aunt died last Wednesday and we spent this past weekend up in northern Vermont to pay our respects.  It was the first funeral our kids had been to, so it was all new to them.  We hadn't been up in quite a while to visit my husband's parents and unfortunately his dad is declining.  He has emphysema and he really can't go very far before having to stop and catch his breath.  A lifetime of smoking is a terrible thing but you don't realize the real truth until it's too late.  If any of you out there smoke, please get help to quit!

Anyway, before we left I just had time to check out the new mystery quilt steps that were posted on Friday.  Very intriguing.  I have some ideas but I guess I'll have to wait and see! 

I wasn't going to post any pictures of my mystery project, since it's a mystery, but I can't stand it anymore!  I will share these pictures of my background:

The picture is a little light; the blue is actually deeper than it looks here.  I really need a new camera!  Anyway, it's a dark blue batik tonal.  

I have seen a lot of people's fabric combos posted and it's amazing to see the variety.  I can't wait until everyone posts their completed tops.