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Done! Now I'm ready for a mystery!

Phew!  I have finished the two charity NICU quilts that I started on 9/11.  Took a while, but life gets in the they are:

I wish my camera would capture the pattern on the white fabric (it has little off-white circles on it).  It's probably user error, though!

Now I can concentrate on mystery quilt V!  (and the T-shirt quilt and the tiger quilt...I guess "concentrate" is a relative term!)


Pamela said:

Don't get too far ahead of your next quilt. The sheer idea of completing all the quilts I've started that need finished is too overwelming. I have to prioritize and work on them in small increments.

# September 29, 2011 8:53 PM

greenmonstr said:

I like to have a few things in various stages. That way if I feel like doing one specific thing I can choose the project that's at that stage.  For example, I  might feel like cutting tonight but not sewing.  Tomorrow I might feel like sewing but cutting seems like a chore.  

# September 29, 2011 9:25 PM