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Mission accomplished (mostly) with pictures!

My day of sewing on 9/11 began on a painful note. As I was changing the needle to begin my day,  for some unknowable reason, while I was removing the thread from the needle I raised the presser foot and jammed my finger RIGHT INTO THE NEEDLE!  And guess what? It was still sharp!  Perhaps I had not yet had enough caffeine.  Anyway, once I stopped the bleeding, I got back to work.  The quilt pattern was very easy and I had the pieces for all three quilt tops cut PDQ.   I sewed all three quilt tops together and then discovered one very important thing was missing.  I did not have any batting.  Not to be discouraged, I moved on to making the loveys for the NICU, since I didn't need batting for that. 

I continued my quilts after I went to get batting later in the week.  Since I was on vacation this past week, I figured I would have lots of time.  However, the first step of Mystery Quilt V came out, and I spent some time looking at my jelly rolls and checking my stash for backgrounds, and in the process of looking for backgrounds, I hurt my back.  Because of that, I only finished one quilt, but I have the other two tops pinned up and ready to quilt soon.

Anyway, here are the pictures.  One is a picture of all the loveys I made, and the other is a picture of the quilt, though the picture is so-so.  My daughter is holding it up for me.  I will be bringing these to work with me tomorrow and donating them to the NICU.