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September 2011 - Posts

Done! Now I'm ready for a mystery!

Phew!  I have finished the two charity NICU quilts that I started on 9/11.  Took a while, but life gets in the they are:

I wish my camera would capture the pattern on the white fabric (it has little off-white circles on it).  It's probably user error, though!

Now I can concentrate on mystery quilt V!  (and the T-shirt quilt and the tiger quilt...I guess "concentrate" is a relative term!)

Just not in the mood, I guess, but I learned something anyway

I have done no sewing this week.  I did learn something, however.  I needed more thread to quilt the last two NICU quilts and I was having a problem with the top thread showing on the bottom of the quilt sandwich, even at a pretty high tension.  I was puzzled, since my machine (Viking Platinum) had just had a tune-up a month or so ago.  I took my test sample to the sewing shop and they pointed out to me that the top thread was a lighter weight than the bottom thread and it was pulling down on it.  I never would have thought about that.  I have a lot of bobbins wound but they seem to wander away from their parents very easily (I have the cat to thank for that) and I was looking at the color not the weight.  Live and learn!  I vow that I will wind a new bobbin from now on, and find a way to keep them from wandering off.  Attention to detail is very important!



Mission accomplished (mostly) with pictures!

My day of sewing on 9/11 began on a painful note. As I was changing the needle to begin my day,  for some unknowable reason, while I was removing the thread from the needle I raised the presser foot and jammed my finger RIGHT INTO THE NEEDLE!  And guess what? It was still sharp!  Perhaps I had not yet had enough caffeine.  Anyway, once I stopped the bleeding, I got back to work.  The quilt pattern was very easy and I had the pieces for all three quilt tops cut PDQ.   I sewed all three quilt tops together and then discovered one very important thing was missing.  I did not have any batting.  Not to be discouraged, I moved on to making the loveys for the NICU, since I didn't need batting for that. 

I continued my quilts after I went to get batting later in the week.  Since I was on vacation this past week, I figured I would have lots of time.  However, the first step of Mystery Quilt V came out, and I spent some time looking at my jelly rolls and checking my stash for backgrounds, and in the process of looking for backgrounds, I hurt my back.  Because of that, I only finished one quilt, but I have the other two tops pinned up and ready to quilt soon.

Anyway, here are the pictures.  One is a picture of all the loveys I made, and the other is a picture of the quilt, though the picture is so-so.  My daughter is holding it up for me.  I will be bringing these to work with me tomorrow and donating them to the NICU. 


Let's honor September 11th

Last week I got to thinking about the events of September 11th. Remember the sense of utter shock that we all felt?  I was at work at the time and one of my employees who worked at home called me and said "You will not believe this.  A plane just ran into the World Trade Center."  All work stopped in the office, of course, and we listened to the radio.   While we were listening to the radio, the second plane crashed into the other tower.  I still remember Peter Jennings stopped speaking for ten seconds or so when the first tower fell, an eternity when you are listening on the radio.  I could only imagine he was trying to compose himself.

This year I decided that I'd like to honor September 11th by doing some kind of charity work so I will be sewing items for the NICU at one of our hospitals.  I have a free pattern from Quiltmaker which makes three baby-sized quilts at once.  It's called Super-Sized Nine Patch by Anita Grossman Solomon.   Also, with the scraps I will be making "loveys."  They are two pieces of flannel with no batting, sewn together, about 5" square.  The mother wears it for a few hours so it absorbs her scent and then they put it under the baby's head so the baby will have his mother's scent even when she isn't there. 

Here is the link for the Super-Sized Nine Patch:

Scroll down a little bit and it says "download the PDF."

We should all do a little something for others this weekend in honor of the firefighters, police, and Port Authority who went into the burning towers and lost their lives attempting to help others, and say a prayer for the families of all of the people lost on 9/11.  The world was changed that day and it's up to us to make it for the better.