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The hurricane has passed through New England.  We were on the "windy" side, which wasn't that windy.  The leaf and stick fairy paid our lawn a visit, that's all.  However, Vermont was on the "rainy" side and they have been devastated by flooding.  Some towns are literally cut off from the rest of the state by flood waters. It really hasn't gotten much attention in the national media but we should all say a little prayer for the people of Vermont.

On a lighter subject, yesterday I did some more work on the soccer T-shirt quilt, putting the borders on.  I really hate putting borders on.   Also, the center square is a picture of my son which is bordered in black, which I chose because the shirts are all different colors and they are bordered in black as well; unfortunately, after I finished the whole top, I felt like it looked like it's a memorial qiult or something, though he is very much alive.  My husband didn't think so but it's bugging me so I am going to get some soccer ball buttons and embellish the center square with them.  I have never embellished a quilt before, so this will be another new thing. 

I have even more respect for people who make up patterns after this experience.  I made up the design, and I thought I had planned it all out, but it didn't all go the way I expected it would.  It's a very simple design as well, so people who create intricate patterns must have a great deal of patience!   I will post a picture once I have finished it.




Pamela said:

Don't give up on designing. You get better at it the more you do it. You'll remember the things that didn't work well, then, you'll find something different to make it better.

I'm definitely praying for those in Vermont. My son-in-law left last Sunday with a tree trimming company to drive out East and help with the hurricane clean-up. My daughter says he's somewhere in Vermont. They were stranded for a day because of flooding.

# August 31, 2011 7:30 PM

greenmonstr said:

Thanks for the encouragement!  

It's great that your SIL is helping out the people of Vermont.  I'll bet you're proud of him!

# September 1, 2011 6:54 PM

NonnieConnie said:

   Keep trusting your judgement many times I am unsure about a project Im working on or nrarly finished, Im always happiest when I follow my instincs

   My son also was out est with the tree trimmers,he just came home sunday!

# September 9, 2011 7:39 PM