Life as a Greenmonstr

Quilting and Other Facts of Life

Hello, and welcome to my world

Hi!  I'm the Greenmonstr, and this is my blog.   I'm new to the blogging thing - a recent birthday ending in "0" has inspired me to try something new, and this is it!   My plan is to post at least once a week.

Currently I am working on a T-shirt quilt (my first - that ending-in-zero birthday again!).  I had saved some T-shirts from my son's years playing soccer, which I am using to make this quilt.  There were only eight shirts, though, so I had to come up with a ninth block.  One of my favorite pictures of my son is the "formal" picture with him in his T-shirt, holding the ball, at 7 years old.  He just looks so confident and comfortable, not to mention adorable with his gappy teeth.  It turns out the photo package I had purchased then (13 years did that happen?) also contained some baseball card-style photos along with statistics that I gave to them to put on the back, so I am including his vital statistics along with his picture in the center block. 

One thing I've learned already is that it takes longer than I expected to interface the T-shirts so they wouldn't stretch too much while I was stitching.  That was a little discouraging because my son went through a dragon T-shirt phase as a kid where all his shirts had to have an Asian-style dragon on them, and I saved A LOT of those, far more than eight, to make a T-shirt quilt from also.  I guess when the time comes I'll do a few at a time. 

Anyway, now that the center block pictures are printed, I can get going on putting it together.   If anyone has any tips they can share about the actual quilting of the T-shirt areas, that would be helpful.  I was planning to meander across the entire top but I am a little worried about whether the texture of the T-shirts will be a problem.

Time for me to get back to the wife and mother thing - a hungry family awaits!