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August 2011 - Posts

Things don't turn out like you'd expect

The hurricane has passed through New England.  We were on the "windy" side, which wasn't that windy.  The leaf and stick fairy paid our lawn a visit, that's all.  However, Vermont was on the "rainy" side and they have been devastated by flooding.  Some towns are literally cut off from the rest of the state by flood waters. It really hasn't gotten much attention in the national media but we should all say a little prayer for the people of Vermont.

On a lighter subject, yesterday I did some more work on the soccer T-shirt quilt, putting the borders on.  I really hate putting borders on.   Also, the center square is a picture of my son which is bordered in black, which I chose because the shirts are all different colors and they are bordered in black as well; unfortunately, after I finished the whole top, I felt like it looked like it's a memorial qiult or something, though he is very much alive.  My husband didn't think so but it's bugging me so I am going to get some soccer ball buttons and embellish the center square with them.  I have never embellished a quilt before, so this will be another new thing. 

I have even more respect for people who make up patterns after this experience.  I made up the design, and I thought I had planned it all out, but it didn't all go the way I expected it would.  It's a very simple design as well, so people who create intricate patterns must have a great deal of patience!   I will post a picture once I have finished it.



Quilt show thoughts

I went to a quilt show today with a friend.   It reminded me that when I am looking at the quilts done by others, there are two categories: 

1.  I think I could do that! (someday)

2.  There's no way on EARTH I could ever do that! 

Some of the work was really amazing.  I am very fascinated by the quilts that look like real people or places.   It requires a way of looking at fabric from a different sort of perspective, as an individual entity of color and texture and shading.  There was a lot of thread painting and bead embellishment on quilts as well.  Just fantastic.

Of course, we also visited the vendors. Shockingly, I did stick to my list, mostly.  It's no fun if you can't say "mostly" - you need to get a few of those spur-of-the-moment fabrics that grab your imagination!




I know we all have at least one "alternate" project stashed away- you know, the one that's lurking in the box on the shelf, cut but not sewn, blocks pieced but not into rows, rows not melded into a top...mine has tiger faces and the tigers were snarling at me to GET THEM OUT OF THE BOX!  How could I ignore them?  So instead of working on the T-shirt quilt, I joined my tiger block rows into a quilt top.  It's the Warm Wishes pattern from Quiltmaker, but I made extra blocks for a finished size of 62 x 62 after I put the borders on. 

Now I have three projects going - blocks that need arranging for a Yellow Brick Road with Asian fabrics, the T-shirt quilt that needs sashing and borders, and the tigers that need borders.  All are lap size, so that's good.  Of course, life happens, and I need to make a small project for a birthday present for giving this weekend...better get busy!

Listen - I think I hear those alternate projects calling you! 



Hello, and welcome to my world

Hi!  I'm the Greenmonstr, and this is my blog.   I'm new to the blogging thing - a recent birthday ending in "0" has inspired me to try something new, and this is it!   My plan is to post at least once a week.

Currently I am working on a T-shirt quilt (my first - that ending-in-zero birthday again!).  I had saved some T-shirts from my son's years playing soccer, which I am using to make this quilt.  There were only eight shirts, though, so I had to come up with a ninth block.  One of my favorite pictures of my son is the "formal" picture with him in his T-shirt, holding the ball, at 7 years old.  He just looks so confident and comfortable, not to mention adorable with his gappy teeth.  It turns out the photo package I had purchased then (13 years did that happen?) also contained some baseball card-style photos along with statistics that I gave to them to put on the back, so I am including his vital statistics along with his picture in the center block. 

One thing I've learned already is that it takes longer than I expected to interface the T-shirts so they wouldn't stretch too much while I was stitching.  That was a little discouraging because my son went through a dragon T-shirt phase as a kid where all his shirts had to have an Asian-style dragon on them, and I saved A LOT of those, far more than eight, to make a T-shirt quilt from also.  I guess when the time comes I'll do a few at a time. 

Anyway, now that the center block pictures are printed, I can get going on putting it together.   If anyone has any tips they can share about the actual quilting of the T-shirt areas, that would be helpful.  I was planning to meander across the entire top but I am a little worried about whether the texture of the T-shirts will be a problem.

Time for me to get back to the wife and mother thing - a hungry family awaits!