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Never tease a sleepwalker

I sat up with a start when I realized my twelve year old son was standing next to me. It was late and he had been sent to bed hours ago. I was, as usual, checking my favorite online sites.


“I TOLD you to feed me!” He was obviously agitated. I studied his face and looked into eyes which stared vacantly. Sleepwalking again? He muttered some unintelligible words but I caught the gist of what he was saying with, “I’m hungry! How am I supposed to help my parachuters without food? I have to help them, now get me some food NOW!”


I giggled. Just a tiny one. I couldn’t help it. “I don’t parachute, just like I don’t bungee jump. So what is it you need?”


“You never feed me. There’s never enough food around here! Get me some food. I am responsible for my parachuter guys and I need food now!”  I was really grinning now. Maybe I really should limit his time spent with video games.


“Why are you laughing at me?” Uh, oh. He was coming around.


“I’m not laughing at you. I am trying to understand what you are saying.”


“You make me so mad! You are too laughing at me! Nevermind, I am going to bed.”


And he did.


Published Thu, Dec 1 2011 9:15 AM by Gramz Quilts


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Thanks for commenting, Kathy. It's nice to know somebody read my blog!

You know a little humor is a necessary survival skill.