Have you been to International Quilt Festival?

I hope you all get the opportunity to attend one some day if you haven't already. It's a total sensory overload of what this industry has to offer!

If you can imagine, there were over 220 vendor booths at the Cincinnati Quilt Festival this last weekend—many more in some other locations.

Festival is a great place to try out a sewing machine or iron you've been dreaming about, or to ask questions about products you've been wanting to try. Many times, new products are also introduced to the public here.

One of my favorite things is visiting the booths of different quilts shops throughout the United States, and sometimes other countries.  Each has its own style and special techniques to make it unique, but the people are what makes them special, as are the people in attendance! 

Check it out and share what you see with us and other members!

Happy Quilting!

Diane Tomlinson, Assistant Editor