April 2011 - Posts

What are the Tried & True quilt blocks all about?

Have you noticed the Tried & True quilt blocks we feature with projects in both Love of Quilting and Easy Quilts?

These little gems are useful in so many ways.

We create these blocks to give you optional fabric suggestions for the quilt featured.  But their main purpose is to test the written instructions. Our Sewing Specialist makes the blocks using the Technical Writers' instructions. Most of the time, the instructions check out perfectly, but if she finds an error or has a construction suggestion, she goes back to the editorial department with her comments. 

Fabric companies send us samples of their new fabric collections, and these are used randomly.

 We hope you check these out! They were made with care just for our readers!

Happy Quilting!

Diane Tomlinson, Assistant Editor

Have you been to International Quilt Festival?

I hope you all get the opportunity to attend one some day if you haven't already. It's a total sensory overload of what this industry has to offer!

If you can imagine, there were over 220 vendor booths at the Cincinnati Quilt Festival this last weekend—many more in some other locations.

Festival is a great place to try out a sewing machine or iron you've been dreaming about, or to ask questions about products you've been wanting to try. Many times, new products are also introduced to the public here.

One of my favorite things is visiting the booths of different quilts shops throughout the United States, and sometimes other countries.  Each has its own style and special techniques to make it unique, but the people are what makes them special, as are the people in attendance! 

Check it out and share what you see with us and other members!

Happy Quilting!

Diane Tomlinson, Assistant Editor


So--what's going on this morning?

Here are a few pictures snapped this morning, here in Winterset.  Some of us are at IPTV taping our next PBS series this week or scheduled to go later today to help out, but here's a quick trip around to see what's happening!

Laura, our Website Assistant comes in early every day and brings her smile with her!  Would you believe she gave up caffeine a month ago?

Kristi, our Publisher, is smiling because she didn't give up caffeine and has her all-important second cup of the morning! 






Here's Deb, our Managing Editor, sorting through tips that our readers have sent in, and deciding which ones will go to IPTV later today for Mary and Marianne to present on the shows.






Jean, our Editor, catching up with email before she starts final proof on Kids Quilts. She's off to IPTV later today also! 




Tony, our Art Director for Easy Quilts and many other projects, is busy working on layout.  You'll find him walking his dogs later this evening and possibly stopping at the local ice cream shop for doggy ice cream cones!  Lucky dogs!


Kris, our Technical Writer is busy figuring out instructions for a project  for Easy Quilts.  Any day you go by her desk, she is writing instructions and figuring out yardages needed for the next project.

And here's Sharon, our Retail Manager, smiling and cutting fabric to ship out for the 2 quilts we are offering for the Alaskan cruise in May.  

Whatever you are up to today, enjoy and Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor