When you quilt, do you like to stitch in the ditch or free motion?

For me, I like the free motion because I don't have to follow a specific pattern. Partially patience and partially, the artsy side of me.  

For my Time Square, which is scheduled for the Sept/Oct issue of Love of Quilting, , I think the design, itself, and the use of color gives it motion, which fit with the free motion movement instead of the starts and stops of stitching in the ditch and straight line quilting.  I'm sure someone is dying to tell me I'm wrong, but hey! it's my quilt!

On another note, Jean's Imperial Diamonds, which is scheduled in the July/Aug issue of Love of Quilting,  is geometric, which works quite well with the straight lines and stitching in the ditch. She's patient and meticulous when it comes to quilting and this works with her style and design well. It takes practice, and some tricks to make those nice straight lines, but it sure makes the design of the quilt blocks and fabrics pop! A curvy design could make it look like a very different quilt!

So what's your style? There's alot to take into consideration, but in the end, you have to be happy with it. 

After all, it is your quilt!  

Do as you like! It will not only make your quilt unique, but make it yours.

Happy quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor