GO! Baby

Just in! The Shop Fons and Porter store has the Go! Baby by AccuQuilt. It's a great tool to make repetitive cutting a breeze! It's not only accurate every time, but speedy and very portable! What a fun toy to take to a quilt retreat!

I love that you can cut multiple layers at a time. I'm thinking I can precut shapes for a future quilt, and use up some of my stash. I'll include a container for future charity projects!

Sharon, our retail manager and fabric ordering guru, found an appliqué quilt she really wants to make. For two years, she's been dreading cutting out all of the little pieces, which number in the hundreds. She said it may as well be a mountain of them since she is not a fussy cut kind of person! Was she surprised when she found the fabric cutting die in just the right shape and size!

Check it out! The GO! Baby cutter just may be the right tool to get you started on that quilt you've been thinking about!

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor