February 2011 - Posts

Did you ever wonder how to put those neutral batiks to work for you?

Since a trip to New York, our Editor, Jean Nolte has had her eye on Timeless Treasure's Tonga Sugarplum collection of strips and squares.  She also likes the shy tones of their neutral batiks and wanted to use both together with her favorite accent color— a beautiful royal purple. 

 As soon as Jean got back to her room, she was busy designing a quilt to use her new found favorite color palette. The neutral batik not only sets off the Sugarplum palette and accenting purple, but makes your eye go to the background to see what design is going on there as well.

She has it almost done and will be teaching it on the Fons & Porter Alaskan Cruise and it will be featured in the July/Aug issue of Love of Quilting. It's called Imperial Diamonds and she's worked out an easy method to make this difficult looking quilt very do-able.

Here are a few more shots of her quilt in progress!

Stay tuned—we've got some more quilts to sneak peek coming soon!

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor





Have you checked out the Quilts of Valor project and fabric collections?


If you like patriotic fabrics, you've got to check out these fabric companies and the collections they've put together for Quilts of Valor. They should be coming to a fabric store near you soon!

At market in October 2010, nine fabric companies launched designs for this special program to be released in Spring of 2011.The companies are Andover, Clothworks, Marcus Fabrics, Moda, P&B, Quilting Treasures, Red Rooster, Timeless Treasures and Windham Fabrics. 

The mission of the QOV Foundation is to cover ALL service members and veterans touched by war. This foundation is not about politics. It's about people.

While you're there, check out Marianne's favorite project  Under Our Wings. It's a great program you can organize or participate in by simply taking someone who has never made a quilt before under your wings, and help that person make a Quilt of Valor for a combat veteran. 

Make a difference!

Happy quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor








Have you heard of Shweshwe fabrics?

Our March/April Love of Quilting issue features a quilt made by Evelyn Young called Monkey Business. It is made from a fabric called Schweschwe, that has an interesting and amazing history. 

You have probably seen this fabric in historic and contemporary quilts and not been aware that it is still dyed in much the same way it was several hundred years ago. Maybe longer!  It is still dyed using natural indigo from many plants.  Indigo itself is not a true dye, but when used, produces a chemical reaction between the fabric and the agent. When the fabric is pulled out of the dye pot, the agent oxidizes with air to produce the beautiful blue color.

To top it off, Shweshwe has a positive social impact on impoverished communities in South Africa where it’s manufactured.  Read more about Shweshwe fabrics at Marula Imports . 

You can also get the kit, including the Shweshwe fabric at Shop Fons & Porter.

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor







Color surprises!

I've finally decided what I'm doing for my Crayon challenge and to my surprise, my color choices are quite a bit different than what I started with! 

I've arranged and rearranged blocks and pieces of blocks, auditioning colors and arrangement. I've even worked in the colors orange and pink, which I  didn't even

consider when I began choosing colors.

Orange seems to add warmth to the cool blue tones. I've chosen to use yellow, mostly orange, to rust for variation.

 My friends in the office talked me into just trying a few blocks with pink. I know I made a funny face, but decided to try it anyway. To my surprise, pink added the sparkle and movement the quilt needed to bring out the New York Beauty block design!

I am also considering a border worked in with these blocks. What do you think? 

The Editor, Jean, has challenged me to get it done for a late summer/fall issue of Love of Quilting. I think that's just the challenge I need to do it.  Wish me luck! 

Happy Quilting,

Diane , Assistant Editor



Friends and their opinions are priceless!

How do you work out a quilt design?

My friends and I enjoy designing our own quilts.  We are traditional, practical, contemporary and eclectic—sometimes all at the same time!

We all use our own techniques at home. Graph paper, sketching freehand, EQ Software, Adobe, and Corel Draw to name a few.

But, the best design tool we have, is each other. When we get together at retreat or classes and give each other feedback about projects we are working on, it is invaluable. We cut and paste paper designs, hold swatches up for each other, and go grab swatches out of our own fabrics to audition in someone else's quilt.  

Sometimes that means we set about remaking or redesigning the quilt we started, but we're happier with the results. Our opinions—good, bad and truthful are priceless, as are the laughs and good times we have doing it!

I hope you all have a group of friends to share with, whether it be a quilt guild, small group or friends over coffee (or a glass of wine, of course!)  If you don't get the opportunity to get together in person, why not check out QCA (Quilter's Club of America) and join other quilters like yourself in conversations, show and tell, and special interest groups like Civil War Sampler, Mystery Quilt #3Quilting for Charities, and the Show and Tell Gallery to share what you are working on and see what other quilters are working on as well!

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor




Check out the Video on the Civil War Ladies Quilt!


Check out the video by Jodie Davis, on the Civil War Sampler quilt, featured in the Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr and will wrap up in the May/June issues of Love of Quilting. Just click here to check it out!

You are also welcome to join the Civil War Sampler group anytime, here at QCA, and share as we work together through the Civil War Sampler Quilt.  It's a place to share your blocks, fabric choices and just chat about the quilt as we go!

Hope to see you there!

Diane, Assistant Editor

Everything old is new again----with a little updating!

Have you noticed how some blocks are just plain timeless? They were designed way before we were quilting, and in some cases, before our grandmothers were quilting!

Those blocks have been used through the years in all kinds of fabrics and now, even in art quilts with wonderful embelishments layering over them. Just how modern that woman would have been in her time to design something so timeless.   Did she wait anxiously for that shipment to come to her general store on a wagon, so she could sew with the latest designs?  Did she use feedsacks? Did she make her family eat leftovers so she had more time to sew? Did she hide her stash so her husband didn't know how much fabric she really had? Oh wait- that's me!!

Just think- maybe that quilt you are working on will be remembered the same, years from now.