Are you inspired by travel or nature in your quilting? Sue Spargo spoke at our local Des Moines quilt guild.

Besides the fact Sue Spargo is a wonderful wool artist, her quilts speak, telling stories of places Sue's traveled and places she's lived. Through her quilts, she shows us how to find inspiration in nature, travel, and textures. We're exposed to this every day, but so often we never stop to notice!

The wool work which Sue blends with layers of velvet, silk, and embellishments of all kinds, is amazing. You can check out what I'm talking about on her website Sue Spargo. This is a woman who certainly isn't afraid of color. That's something I have to work on more, since I have this picky Capricorn personality...

Maybe we all need to try her playful techniques and crazy fun embellishments—I've certainly been inspired to think about her use of color in my Crayon challenge, and I'm getting a little braver... Thank you, Sue!

Happy quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor