Sneak Peek at one of the quilt projects for the Alaskan Cruise!

We are really excited about our next cruise—to Alaska May 21–28—especially our Editor, Jean Nolte, who has been working on a great quilt for the occasion! 

On a trip to New York City last spring,  Emily Cohen, at Timeless Treasures teased us with their new Tonga Treats strips and squares. When Jean started designing a quilt for the cruise, she immediately thought of  the Tonga collections, and planned a quilt design that could be used in several color variations.

Jean chose the Sugarplum Collection, a rich purple for sashing, and a border fabric that brings all of the colors together.   

We'll see if we can get some photos of the quilt as she's putting it together to share with you. 

I hear it's also going to be in Love of Quilting this summer, so stay tuned!

Check out the items that just went on sale in the Fons & Porter store!  There are some great values out there!  I see a few I just want the fabric from and at these prices, who can pass them up? 

Happy quilting!

Diane Tomlinson, Assistant Editor