Hand or machine quilting?

I grew up learning to sew and quilt from my mom and grandmother. My grandmother actually went to sewing school in northeast Iowa, before getting married to my grandfather. Her handwork was amazing, as was what I saw of my great grandmother's work.

Last Spring, we worked with Marianne on a quilted piece to help demonstrate her Fine Feathers templates at market.   Cherrywood graciously donated the fabric and coordinating thread and we came up with a great little piece to demo with.  And as you guessed it, I machine quilted it! 

As I quilted it, I could imagine my grandma standing over my shoulder, shaking her head that I should make such a nice project and not have taken the time to hand quilt it.  And me commenting back that I lacked the time with raising a family and full time work.  Besides, I want it done in my lifetime!

In a way, I think she would be very impressed with what the machines can do now. The intricate designs and decorative threads that hand quilting just could not have matched. Who knows! perhaps she would have wished she could have had a long arm!

By the way,the soldier quilts all arrived by last weekend and we were all excited here!   We're still waiting for the photos, but we do know all of the quilts got there quickly and safely.

Happy hand or machine quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor


Leslie said:

Beautiful Feathers.

# December 16, 2010 3:58 AM