29 on their way to Afghanistan

Pictured above is Dave Brown with 'Millie'

The last quilt has come off the longarm! The '29 Quilts to Go' project has been a great success thanks to everyone who helped, including those that stood on standby, just in case.  What started as a phone call between Kristi (the Publisher of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine) and her deployed husband, Major Jason Edwards, turned into a month-long project here at our office with a goal of creating 29 quilts to ship to Jason's unit.

These soldiers were cold! Government issued sleeping bags are lacking in many ways, mostly in size and these six-foot-plus soldiers were stationed in the mountains of Afghanistan where daytime temperatures hoover in the 40s, dropping into the 20s at night. First of all, we had to make  these quilts quick (we wanted to get them there before Christmas), and they had to be warm. Plus, they had to be big enough to keep these soldiers plenty warm (72" x 90"), yet light-weight enough for the soldiers to pack.

We ended up making the quilts out of flannel, backed in fleece, no batting. But time was running out when Heidi Kaisand (APQS National Sales Manager) came to our rescue. Heidi put out a call of help and within moments, we had quilter's volunteering from all across the states. Too many in fact! What a wonderful dilemma! Very special thank-you's go out to the first of those many volenteers. Jane and Dave Brown, and Maria Davis.

These three quilters shared their hearts, their time and their Millenniums to help quilt 14 of the 29 quilt tops we had made here.  All 29 quilts are now out the door and on their way to Afghanistan, they should be with the troops next week - God Bless these and all the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom -  keep them safe ... and warm. 

-Cinde, editorial assistant



Nana said:

This was a fantastic project.  God bless each of you for doing this and God bless our troops.  

# December 6, 2010 10:53 PM