Participating in Groups

What is a Group?

A Group is like a separate club on the site. Many of the Groups on QCA focus on a specific types of quilting: Embroidery, Hand Quilting, Mystery Quilts, etc. Each group typically has a separate Discussion board where you can read and post topics. There is also a Media section where you can upload pictures and view them in a slide show. Joining a group is a great way to share a particular passion with others who share your interest.

Where do I find Groups on QCA?

You can either click on the Groups link in the menu barat the top of the QCA site.

How do I join a Group?

Click on the Groups link to go to the Groups page. Click on the name of the Group you want to participate in. Then click on the Join This Group link in the right sidebar. Membership approval is usually automatic.


How to I post pictures in a Group?

Go to the home page for your specific group
Click on the Media link to the right:


Click on the Upload link. NOTE: If you have not yet joined the group, do that first and the upload link will appear.

Then click on the Specify file/URL button to browse for your image. Once you find your file, click Save.

Add your title, any comments and click Save. That's it!


To view pictures as a slideshow:
Go to your Group's home page
Click on the Media link on the right
Scroll down to the bottom of the image
Click on the View Slideshow link


Can I create my own group?

Don't see the group you are looking for? You can request that a new group be created.  Before you do, here are a few guidelines to follow to assure it is a success:

1. Ask yourself whether the subject would benefit from having a separate group. See some of the examples below for ideas.
2. Post a thread in the forums and ask if others are interested in your group idea.
3. If the group is project based, decide who will organize the project and moderate the group.
4. If the group is not project based, consider what discussion threads or other activities will create interest and participation in the group.
5. Put in a request to the Admin to get your group set up. Be ready to provide the following information:

Group Name
Short Group Description
Group Avatar Image
Who will post initial content and/or moderate the group
Which group features are needed: Discussions, Media Gallery, Moderator Blog
If a pattern is being used, confirm whether any permissions need to be granted for their use in the group

Here are the most common types of groups:

Project based groups:
Examples: Mystery Quilt Groups, Block of the Month Groups,
These groups are usually based on a specific pattern or project that group members work on at the same time.
These groups generally require a moderator who will manage the ovreall project, initiate the discussion threads and answer member questions.

The rest of these groups typically do not require a moderator, but usually benefit from one or more "champions" to get the group started and keep activity in the group going:
Technique Based groups - Examples: Hand Quilting, Applique, Crazy Quilts, etc. 
Product Based Groups - Examples: Janome/7700 Group, EQ Software Group
Other Special Interest Groups - Examples: UFO Group, Charity Quilts, Beginning Quilters

If you have an immediate question, comment or suggestion, please post it in the Report Issue forum here: Report Issue Here

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