Using "Wikis"

What is a Wiki?

A "wiki" is a collaborative web tool that allows you, our QCA members, to edit and enhance the basic entries posted within them. On the QCA web site, the Quilter's Dictionary is created using a wiki. You can visit it here: Quilter's Dictionary

To show you how versatile a wiki can be, look at the following entries:

An entry with a photo added (much more helpful): Crazy quilt
An entry with a link to a video on the site (great for techniques!): Basting spray

Wiks are yours to edit, so have fun with it! Here are some fun things you can do use this resource and improve it for all members:

1. LOOK UP entries using the Table of Contents. The TOC is located on the right sidebar of the page. Click on the triangular arrows to expand the listings.  

2. VOTE for the entries that you find most useful. Favorite terms will receive the highest "thumbs up" rankings, and unpopular ones can quickly be spotted and fixed.

3. EDIT entries that need improvement. Have a great example, photo or link to add to a definition? Click on the Edit tab above any definition to change or add to it.

4. COMMENT on any definition or topic. Have a tip for preventing bearding now that you know what it is? You can post comments below any of the wiki entries like you see here: 


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