Posting Pictures, Videos & Links

How do I add a picture to my post?

With the option to add pictures, you now have the ability to showcase your work and personality in a more enjoyable way! Also, whenever you add a picture to your post it will show up in your post list on your blog homepage. It makes your posts much more visually inviting. If you insert multiple pictures to your post, the first one will be the one that shows up in the post list. To add a picture to your post:

1)      In the body copy field of your post, put your cursor where you want the picture to be placed

2)      Click on the Insert Media icon that looks like a film strip (it's located in the same toolbar as the Bold, Italics, and Underline options). If you move your cursor over the icons, the correct icon will read Insert Media.


3)      Since the majority of pictures used will be on your computer, select From Computer.

4)      Then click on Browse. This will open an additional window to browse the documents on your computer.

5)      Select the image you would like to post from your documents and select OPEN. By selecting Open the additional window will close and a file name will now appear in the space next to Browse.

6)      To complete the process, select INSERT.

How do I Add Video to My Post?

Have you either uploaded a quilting video to YouTube or found a video that you'd like to share in your blog? Here's how to do it:

1)      Go to YouTube and locate the homepage of the video you'd like to display in your post

2)      Copy the code from the URL box on the video's YouTube page (usually in the upper right hand part of the page). Or right-click on the video and click on the Copy video URL link. Make sure you have copied the entire code for a successful upload of the player

3)      Go back to the body copy field of your post and put the cursor where you want the video to appear

4)      Click on the Insert Media icon (just as you do when inserting a photo),

5)      Select From URL tab, and paste the URL code of the video into the field

6)      Click Insert

How do I Add a Link to My Post?

Note: This works in both blog posts, forum posts and comments.

You might want to include a link to another website in your blog post to guide other viewers to something you have found to be interesting or as a source for your post. There are two ways to do this.

1)      Just copy the url (web address) and paste it into your post.

If it has been inserted correctly, it will change colors and become underlined after hitting the enter key.


Notice after you submit your post, the link turns red, like all other links on the QCA site.

2)      Or you can turn specific words in your post into a link. (For an example, CLICK HERE).  To achieve this same effect in your post, do this:

  • First, write your post in the body copy field (remember to hit Save, but don't Publish so you don't lose your work)
  • With your cursor, highlight the text you want to turn into a link
  • When you do this, you'll see the Insert/Edit link in your tool bar turn from gray to full color (it looks like a chain link)
  • Click on the Insert/Edit link
  • A box will open up that will allow you to type or paste a url into the Paste URL field
  • In the Target drop down menu, select Open Link in a New Window
  • Then click on Insert

 Note: You can preview your post by clicking on the Preview tab above the title field.

Blogger's Tip: When responding to another's question via comments, it is nice to include a link to the source so that each member has the opportunity to read the original information.


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