Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!

Preview of Quilt Shop App



"Quilt Shops" - a free application to find quilt shops across the U.S. from Quilters Club of America and Fons & Porter.

  • Use your smart phone or tablet to search for 2,500+ quilt shops (U.S. stores only currently)
  • Versions will be available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android phones
  • Search for quilt shop by city, state, Zip, or see stores closest to your current location
  • Look up individual stores to see location, Web site URL, map directions and dial store phone number
  • Feedback form enables users to easily alert us if a store is missing or needs updated information
  • Requires internet connection for GPS mapping and distance calculations


Get It!

Download it for FREE from the iTunes store.
Download it for FREE from the Droid market.
Or, view it online at

Quilt Shop Owners:

Make sure your store is listed in the Quilt Shops application by contacting us at

Please provide your store name, full address, phone number, and website URL if available.



Beverley Williams wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Sunday, 31 July 2011, 12:26 PM

I downloaded the Quilt Store Finder app to my smartphone and have already used it! I love it! We are going on a 6 wk RV trip in 2 weeks and I can't wait to find the quilt shops where we'll be. I'm glad to see an app for smart phones instead of the usual I-Phone app first!!!!!

dragonflyfiberarts wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Tuesday, 9 August 2011, 1:10 PM

please also include the store/person's website as well as phone (and thanks for going with Android simultaneous with Iphone!) Especially since we're accessing it on our phone and can go directly there. wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Monday, 29 August 2011, 8:11 AM

We're planning a trip and it is nice to have the location of good quilt shops, so I don't have to look them up when we get there.  I can plan my route in advance and minimize the stress for my husband:)


NANABEAR wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Tuesday, 30 August 2011, 4:34 PM

I just found the app and was so excited. But my iphone is a 3g and it has to be at least a 4.2.  Guess I'll have to upgrade my phone. After all quilting IS more important.

veronicamartin wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Saturday, 3 December 2011, 11:12 AM

What a great app!  So glad it was mentioned on quiltbiz!  I do see a couple of Canadian stores on it so hope that increases.

Veronica Martin

Nana wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Friday, 9 December 2011, 2:12 PM

NanaBear I was able to upload the app and my phone is a 3G.   I got it thru itunes.

jul wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Thursday, 15 December 2011, 9:57 PM

Very cool.  Was just talking about a Chicago to Phoenix quilt shop hop next summer.  This will come in so handy!  Yes, I'm going to need to take the big van on this trip :-)

Helen Hobbs wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Friday, 16 December 2011, 1:14 PM

APP a Great time saver.

Helen Hobbs wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Friday, 16 December 2011, 1:42 PM

I would also like to encourage this type of app for locating shops when traveling outside of the country.  Wouldn't that be great!!--i,e.  Europe, The Carribean,---Hurrah!

Nancy Niles wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Wednesday, 28 December 2011, 6:18 PM

I really use this app, but would like to see a note of some kind regarding sites that are not really shops but home quilt services. This has been a little deceiving.

Spudgrandma wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Thursday, 16 February 2012, 12:45 AM

Too bad there is not one for Kindle Fire

Shannon wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Thursday, 1 March 2012, 2:49 PM

PLEASE add this app to the Kindle Fire store!

magkeep2 wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Wednesday, 4 July 2012, 12:34 PM

I cannot get it to transfer to my new says I have it, but it was on my old phone and didn't transfer over.

wavic wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Monday, 23 July 2012, 10:55 AM

Just downloaded app - wish I had it the last couple of weeks going up and down I95 (-:  I hope the

quilt shops will add themselves to the app, easier to find - we love to explore new shops!!!

dudettegirl wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Sunday, 29 July 2012, 4:31 PM

Agree w person about clarifying stores vs. folks who will quilt your quilt for you.  Not sure if there is a way for your team to get lists from magazines of stores.  Shop Hop lists are pretty current and some of the stores listed are out of business. wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Friday, 31 August 2012, 10:42 AM

This is a great app.  Somehow you need to remove the shops that are closed.  Also it would be nice to have an option to not include 'shops' that are internet only.  Southern NH has many that are not shops we can visit.

inmonclerwhite wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Tuesday, 23 October 2012, 5:09 PM

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Catherine Hughes wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Tuesday, 13 November 2012, 1:31 PM

I have it and it's never upgraded to show the new shops.

laucam57 wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Sunday, 18 November 2012, 4:19 PM

I can't figure out how to view it online!

Carolyn (CarolBeau) wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Monday, 1 April 2013, 3:02 PM

This app is awful.  Be prepared to weed through a ton of junk and do your own research to find a few quilt shops out of the gillions of who-knows-whats that are listed in this app.  I looked up my home location and TONS of results came up.  Wow!  Who knew there were so many quilt shops I didn't know about? Upon further inspection, lots of the "quilt shops" listed have no information except for the address.  No phone, nothing at all that I can use to verify that this is actually a quilt shop without getting in the car and driving there.  When I do searches for these "quilt shops" on the computer (and what is the point of an app that you can only use with the computer??), most of them are NOT quilt shops at all.  Craft stores (think a smaller version of Michael's) or somebody's handbag boutique or whatever.  Some have absolutely no internet presence at all.  No contact information listed in the app... Maybe I can write a letter to the address to ask if it's a quilt shop?  Lol.  This app is almost completely useless as a quilt shop locator unless you pair it with a computer and do a bunch of work on your own.

Angi Barnes wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Thursday, 6 June 2013, 8:13 PM

I have this app on my smart phone and it is never able to access my location. Is there some setting that I need to change for this???

mariachamlin wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Thursday, 16 January 2014, 9:23 AM

How about updating the Quilt shop locator app. Many of these quilt shops I have tried to visit have been closed for over 2+ years.

lersleyowen wrote re: Yes, There's an App For a Quilt Shop Locator!
on Wednesday, 16 April 2014, 8:22 PM

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Replica The TAG Heuer TAGHeuer-Lincoln series CAT2011.BA0952 men mechanical watch


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<div id="productDescription" class="productGeneral biggerText">

<dl><dt>Series</dt><dd>Lincoln LINK Series</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Style</dt><dd title="">

Male Table</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Movement</dt><dd title="">

Automatic mechanical movement</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Movement Model</dt><dd>



<dl><dt>Case</dt><dd title="">

Stainless steel</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Size</dt><dd title="43mm">





<dl><dt>Crown</dt><dd title="">


<dl><dt>Bottom of the table</dt><dd title="">


<dl><dt>Table mirror</dt><dd title="">

Copy Sapphire crystal glass</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Dial</dt><dd title="">

Silver gray</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Watchband</dt><dd title="">

Stainless steel</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Strap Color</dt><dd title="">


<dl><dt>Clasp</dt><dd title="">

Folding clasp</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Waterproof</dt><dd title="200">

200 m</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Package</dt><dd title="">

Beautifully packaged box</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Function</dt><dd title="">

Date display, chronograph</dd></dl>

<dl><dt>Launch of Year</dt><dd>



<p><strong>【Brand story]</strong></p><p>Since 1860, TAG Heuer has always been the the famous Swiss avant-garde watch and chronograph model, is also the largest and fastest growing luxury Swiss watch brands. The Swiss watchmaking legend from the movement to draw positive commitment to create the most accurate timing instruments and inspired by the movement of the timer. Currently, TAG Heuer is the first accurate to one-tenth of one percent, and one-thousandth of a luxury watch brand. From the Olympic Games in the 1920s, with accurate to a millionth of a second technical excellence become legendary Indy 500 racing the Official Timekeeper new role, TAG Heuer continues pursuit of innovation, excellence, performance and prestige, constantly climbing higher goals. The brand with the 2008 F1 world champion, Vodafone - McLaren driver Lewis. Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) for up to six years of cooperation can prove these, TAG Heuer and McLaren for 25 years of close cooperation, as well as its driver Lewis and Heikki. Heikki (Heikki Kovalainen) endorsement constantly prove the pursuit and philosophy of the brand. TAG Heuer by Ferrari F1 driver and 2007 F1 world champion, Kimi. Kimi Raikkonen (Kimi R? Ikk? Nen), the world's number one golfer Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods), WTA tennis champion Maria. Maria Sharapova (Maria Sharapova), Nascar idol Jeff. Jordan (Jeff Gordon), F1 the riders Chief glasses series spokesman Sebastian. Cloth wear (Sébastien Bourdais), F1 driver Sebastian. Vettel (Sebastian Vettel), and the iconic figure of Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Bollywood star Shah Rukh. Han (Shah Rukh Khan) and others to work together to unite the charm and quality flags. TAG Heuer is a privileged member of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the most exclusive club FHH (Senior Watch Foundation).</p><p><strong>Watches century pioneer:</strong></p><p>TAG Heuer's founder - Edward TAG Heuer (Edouard Heuer) in 1860 in the Swiss Jura mountains west town Shengyi Mai (St-Imier) founded their own small watchmaking workshops, thus, in the International luxury watches, as well as important in the field of international sports TAG Heuer was born. Edward TAG Heuer lover of sports and to create accurate timer. Various athletic projects given the need for precise timing of the TAG Heuer design and technical endless inspiration; while the nature of competitive sports - "self-challenging spirit, the pursuit of success, excellent quality" is even more to become a TAG Heuer The spirit of the brand. The plant from its founder Edward TAG Heuer and its later only one conviction of the human heart, and that is the time measurement into a new height. Starting from the establishment of the watch factory, TAG Heuer has been the vanguard of the watch industry. Whether the watch technology, material selection, design and style, TAG Heuer has created a series of noble watches model.</p><p><strong>Innovative technology with the invention:</strong></p><p>In the past 145 years, TAG Heuer "challenge themselves to succeed, excellent quality" in the creation of the spirit of the many "world first" to get the perfect embodiment:</p><p>TAG Heuer for its first mechanical stopwatch application for a patent in 1882, since then, TAG Heuer has been the the sports chronograph authority and representatives of leading technology</p><p>"The vibrating gear" technology invented in 1887, TAG Heuer is now most watch manufacturers still using mechanical chronograph</p><p>In 1910, TAG Heuer launched the first manual winding watch</p><p>In 1916, TAG Heuer invented the only accurate to a hundredth of a second stopwatch, open the page in the history of watchmaking proud, followed by Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam three Olympic Games dedicated chronograph</p><p>In 1930, TAG Heuer successfully developed the first waterproof watch case; developed the world's first chronograph with automatic winding function</p><p>In 1933, TAG Heuer released the world's first device on the dashboard in the racing chronograph Autavia, that the racer can easily read the game time</p><p>In 1955, TAG Heuer launched the first automatic watch with rotating bezel</p><p>In 1966, TAG Heuer invented the "Microtimer", the world's first miniature electronic timer computable only 1/1000 second, and patented</p><p>In 1969, TAG Heuer launched the world's first feature micro-rotating ring automatic chronograph movement - "Chronomatic"</p><p>In 1972, TAG Heuer invented the world's first square chronograph diving chronograph Monaco</p><p>In 1975, TAG Heuer released the world's first quartz watch chronograph</p><p>These are only part of the TAG Heuer achieved numerous patents, and it is a total industry-leading patented technology, establishing a distinguished status TAG Heuer pivotal in Switzerland and the world watch industry.</p><p><strong>The evolution of the twenty-first century</strong></p><p>2003 listed the world's first precise rate of 1/1, 000 second wrist chronograph --- Microtimer</p><p>2004 Monaco V4 concept watch the birds and developed supercar engine operation principle</p><p>2005 only can play golf wear the listing of the world's first professional golf watch table</p><p>2005 developed the fastest ever speed the chronograph --- Calibre 360 ​​concept table</p><p><strong>Never drift design philosophy:</strong></p><p>TAG Heuer fully demonstrate its outstanding precision timing function, founder Edward TAG Heuer also believed this watch design philosophy - he believes that a watch should not have unnecessary details - should be given to the TAG Heuer a a distinguished style, aesthetics, technology and features the perfect blend of design of the watch. TAG Heuer has always been to practice the "technology determines function, function inspire design" design philosophy, introduced each style almost become a classic watch history. Available for the first time in 1930 MONZA, cushion-shaped case with its unique styling, coupled with a genuine crocodile leather strap, the most representative of the classic style of the TAG Heuer. Recently launched the engraved version MONZA Calibre 36, not only in appearance follows the classic designs of the 1930s, with a balance wheel frequency of 36,000 rpm mechanical movement, can accurately measure 1/10 seconds. Carrera Panamerica Mexico, the most dangerous race track in 1964 came CARRERA name is derived from racing history of Mexico on its design with particular emphasis on its accuracy and clarity, which is reflected in the oversized chronograph buttons and crown, which The streamlined shape is a classic symbol of one of TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer's global launch in 1969 a square case Automatic Chronograph MONACO, just launched the market immediately set off a craze. In 1970, the famous international film star Steve McQueen in the blockbuster film "Le Mans" would choose watch wear MONACO.</p><p><strong>With deep roots movement:</strong></p><p>Innovative technology, the timing of excellence, and a tough and durable material, these distinctive qualities makes TAG Heuer has been since its inception in 1860 and maintained close ties to the many high-level competitive sport. As early as the 1950s, the TAG Heuer began sponsoring the world-famous racing hand in 1971, TAG Heuer began and Ferrari cooperation, since 1985, TAG Heuer began sponsoring Benz McLaren (McLaren) team; 1992, TAG Heuer began as F1 world Formula One racing official timer. Since 2004, to become the official timekeeper of the Indy 500 race (this race accuracy of 1/10, 000 seconds). In the nautical sports since 1970, TAG Heuer participate in American Cup sailing movement of all vessels with the timing equipment; aspects of the skiing since 1989, TAG Heuer more all the United States and Canada, the World Cup ski competitions and many European important world ski race official timer.</p><p><strong>Brand:</strong></p><p>From Europe and many high-end brand, TAG Heuer Since its founding, has remained a family-run mode until the second half of the twentieth century. 1985, TAG Heuer avant-garde Technology Group TAG (Techniques d 'Avant-Garde) merger, the formal establishment of the TAG Heuer brand today, and watch sector first furniture enterprises with high technology background. The success of the merger immediately TAG Heuer watches sales rose eightfold. In 1999, TAG Heuer is the world's largest luxury consumer goods group LVMH (Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy, LVMH), mergers and acquisitions, to become the world's fourth largest watch the Group's core strength.</p><p>The new birth of the twentieth century, after the first half, added avant-garde Technology Group (Techniques d 'Avant Garde), TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) combines state-of-the-art technology and fashion design, so that the combination of the two reached a new peak, TAG Heuer today will have not only the sports chronograph precision and high-tech, while the trend of design elements have also applicable in everyday life, and a variety of formal occasions. Distinguished style unique both in business activities or in casual social TAG Heuer always seemed so different, and the spirit of the TAG Heuer brand has a new interpretation of the modern society. With the the social competition intensifying, the cause of the hard work is like arena loves the characteristics of successful people completely fit TAG Heuer respect for individuality, creative expression, forge ahead and spirit. The perfect combination of fashion, sports the fortitude and design of the TAG Heuer concentrated strong vitality from the noble and elegant movement exudes stylish. It is this characteristic that makes TAG Heuer The Zoran superior to flourish.</p><p><strong>TAG Heuer in China:</strong></p><p>July 4, 2002, the TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) held a grand press conference in Shanghai, which officially declared the watch market. As LVMH Group, the watch and jewelery Latest arrival areas of business in the Chinese market, is extremely optimistic about the prospects for the Chinese watch market. China's economy, especially in major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, represented by high-speed development. With China's accession to the WTO, the market will gradually with the international standards, consumer orientation is also increasingly the pursuit of quality of life. Can be expected in the next few years, there will be more well-known in the international boutique brands vied for the high-end consumer goods market in China. With superb watchmaking skills Centennial professional sports watch TAG Heuer, excellent quality, perfect marketing strategy as well as a strong group backing must lay a pivotal position in the watch industry in China.</p><p>Since 1860, TAG Heuer has always been a well-known sports watch and chronograph model, is currently the fourth largest luxury brand in the global watch market. The Swiss watchmaking legend stems from its actively engaged in the world of sports to create the most accurate timing instruments and sports watches. The Olympic Games from the 1920s to the brand new role of the legendary Indy 500 racing, TAG Heuer eternal relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence - the performance of the pinnacle, the pinnacle of prestige, the constant pursuit of higher goals. F1 race fleet of 2005 runner-up fleet 麦凯伦梅塞 diss racer Monaco Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen, the world's number one golfer Tiger Woods with the cooperation of these dazzling star reflects of this eternal pursuit. In close cooperation with the tennis star Maria Sharapova and Hollywood movie stars Brett Pitt and Uma Thurman, TAG Heuer more representative of the movement and charm.</p><p><strong><br /></strong></p></div>

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<p style='text-align:center;'><a target="_blank" href="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011.jpg"><img itemprop="image"  src="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011.jpg" width=700px alt="/watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011.jpg"/></a></p><p style='text-align:center;'><a target="_blank" href="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011-1.jpg"><img itemprop="image"  src="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011-1.jpg" width=700px alt="/watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011-1.jpg"/></a></p><p style='text-align:center;'><a target="_blank" href="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-WJF2010-8.JPG"><img itemprop="image"  src="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-WJF2010-8.JPG" width=700px alt="/watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-WJF2010-8.JPG"/></a></p><p style='text-align:center;'><a target="_blank" href="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011-2.jpg"><img itemprop="image"  src="www.replicawatchesale.comimages//watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011-2.jpg" width=700px alt="/watches_family_/Male-Table/The-TAG-Heuer-TAGHeuer-Lincoln-series-CAT2011-2.jpg"/></a></p>


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 <li>Model: 11714 </li>


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