November Survey - I Had to Make It!

Here are the responses to the November QCA survey question, "What specifically turns you on to starting a particular quilt? In other words, what makes a project, technique or idea so irresistable that you have to try it?"

Congratulations to Linda Sharp, Linda Bazemore (aka Linda Froggy Quilter) and Royce Vaugn whose entries were selected at random from all of the entries. Each of them will receive a $10 gift certificate to use in the Keepsake Quilting online store.

I watch an episode of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting where they made a kaleidoscope quilt in blues and whites.  I could immediately imagine how spectacular this pattern would be in black and brights.  I ordered the kaleidoscope ruler and triangle trimmers that they used the same day and went fabric shopping the next day.  I absolutely could not wait to start this quilt.  It's one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever made.  
-- Linda Sharp,  Napa, CA    

I am working on a Cathedral Window quilt, well, actually I should say quilted bed spread!  It is for my mother, who has wanted one for years.  My grandmother (Paternal) made one, of course her only daughter received it. But my Mother wanted one so bad. I learned to make the Cathedral Window square, and for my first one I made my grandson a baby quilt....just for practice.  This was my very first quilt.  So Mom says you can do it now make me one. The process started.  We purchased an entire bolt of muslin fabric..rather than figure out how many yards would be needed..and the muslin was on sale! Then I picked out 8 colors for the windows.  A friend of mine that wanted to know how to make the square helped cut the fabric and the 2" windows.  This was a very big help. I was so excited, most of it was cut out now just to sew them together.  
We moved to a different state so between the move and remodeling the new house Mom quilt took a back seat.  Oh, I worked on it a few times. I had 3 more grand kids of each NEEDED a quilt, so that HAD to be done. Then I would work on the Cathedral Window. Then a move "back home" a new house that needed remodeling and the quilt is back in storage in the the sewing room.  Then the sale of that house...quitting a job..time on my hands get the quilt back out.  At this point I have worked on it quite regular, oh but the time it takes. Now here we are in yet another remodeled house, in a different state and I am back to work on this Cathedral Window quilt.  I have almost 2/3rds done.  And now there is a deadline.  My parents will be married 50 years and THE QUILT will be ready for them.  The anniversary party is April 30th and the quilt will be my gift to them.   I think this will be my last Cathedral Window quilt...I will so excited to be finished with it so I can start my next project and PRAY it doesn't take near as long!  
-- Faye Marton 

For a project to really grab my attention it would have a BEAR in it!  I collect bears.  Everyone in my family says I can spot them a mile away, LOL  Then  the colors, I love bright, vivid colors!  Red & green are my favorite, then add blue & brown & some yellow. Christmas & country themes are the best and with Bears they just say: "Make Me NOW!!!" 
-- Debbie Bledsoe

One morning, immediately upon awakening, I visualized a baby quilt.  It would feature redwork Sunbonnet Sue with all red and white fabrics.  The edge would be finished with eyelet embroidery.  I am attaching a picture.
-- Pauline Hoyle

Hmmm, what makes me 'have' to start a quilt? Well, if I must tell you, the
fabric talks to me. It tells me what it wants to be made into, then I just
have to listen.
Voices in my head? What voices in my head?????
~Hopppy quilting~   
-- Linda Froggie Quilter

The combination of colors for a certain pattern used in many different color choices.  -- Louise Frechette
My daughter is a breast cancer survivor.  I decided to make her the 
pink ribbon quilt.  Portion of it is paper pieced.  It is taking a 
long time to do but I know she will love it when it is done.
-- Charlene Campolongo, Morgantown. WV

Usually my grandchildren inspire me with, “I want a quilt like this.”    -- Linda Kernodle

Fabric plays a big role of course, that newest find etc.  I am also excited by trying out new techniques.  Influence from art quilters who's work makes my head spin -I hope to one day make those types of quilts. So many of my quilts are stepping  stones towards those future quilts. Trying this and that - just something new on each quilt.  Quilts like life are a journey to your destination. 
I paint/computer graphics/illustration, make jewelry, basketry, loom weaving, spinning and poly clay.  Some how none of these make me as happy as quilting - thou I now in some of my art quilts find ways to combine all of these loves together. What other craft would allow you to do that?
Been quilting for 5 years.
-- Royce Vaugn

Anything that is bright and easy is a "I had to make it" quilt for me.    -- Tina Orlita


gini wrote re: November Survey - I Had to Make It!
on Thursday, 9 December 2010, 9:33 PM

the sunbonnet sue quilt is fabulous   great quilt  gini

Nana wrote re: November Survey - I Had to Make It!
on Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 6:22 PM

Sunbonnet Sue is gorgeous.  And I love Cathedral Window there is patterns to do them on the machine...I may actually make one now...LOL>

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