July Member Survey Winners - Peaceful Moments

July’s member survey question came from member Tammy, who asked: What is the most peaceful time of day for you to quilt?” Since member Sharon Larson finds it hard to catch a peaceful moment in a house full of grandkids, we also encouraged you to share your strategies for finding some peaceful quality time to quilt!

Just reading the responses below will put you into a relaxed, blissful state! Whether you like getting up early or quilting late into the night, there is definitely a peaceful moment to be found in the day for every quilter. We hope that you find one soon!

Congratulations to our winners, Shirley McMath, Beckie C. and Sylvia Cole whose winning responses were chosen at random. Each of them will receive a $10 gift certificate to the Keepsake Quilting online store.

Cathy Parker:
I work full time and get home about 4:00 p.m. EST, eat, change into comfy clothes, get ready for the next day at work and then head up to my WORLD.   From 6 to 7 I just forget that the world and problems exist.   I am working on Christmas quilts for my Mother and Granddaughter plus anything else that strikes my fancy .  Both of the quilts are very different and quite deferent from what I have done in the past.  It is quite challenging and wonderful. 

Cheri Foster:
My most peaceful time of day to quilt is 5:00 A.M.  My husband and dog are still sleeping the sun is just coming up and it is just me my sewing machine and a fresh cup of coffee.  I am the most awake then and am able to get the most done at the time.

Myra Ungerman:
The most peaceful time to quilt for me is between 5am (when I get up) and 6:30 am (when my husband and the dog get up. I have a whole 1.5 hours to myself! After that, my time is their time and then it's off to work. I love the quiet hour +, and put it to the best use! I know they can't hear me, so I put on the music and progress on the project begins! Even if it just planning or something as fun as quilting on the project, I know I have "piece" to do what I need to do. Love it!

Kathy Potts:
I find I am at my best first thing in the morning.  My honey is off to work at 3:40 A.M., and after making the bed and feeding the cats, I head up to my loft sewing space and usually get in 3 good hours of work, while listening to the national and local news.  In the winter months I stay at it longer, but in the summer, after about 7, I'm itching to get outside to the flower beds or mow or whatever needs doing before the heat (and humidity) takes over.  Occasionally I can fit in some more time during the day for handwork, such as applique or finishing binding, but usually I work on other projects........I make pierced earrings and also do hardanger embroidery, as well as occasional sewing repair work for friends.  Never a dull moment around our house!  And I wouldn't have it any other way, other than maybe to have somebody do all my yardwork so I could stay in longer to quilt.   I am a new member to QCA and just learning my way around.  Somewhere along the line I need to find some time to check out some quilting shows........         

Shirley McMath:
My favorite time to quilt is very early morning.  I am an early riser and love to sew from 6 to 8 a.m.   The new day is so quiet and all around me are still sleeping.  

R. Anglin:
Summers are always double busy for me as I love to garden as well.  I find it very difficult to escape and get a few stitches in.  My solution is to make sure I attend our local quilt shops "charity quilt night" once a month.  The camaraderie with this small group is absolutely priceless and the contribution of time is good for the soul!

Patty McDonald:
I'm alone now after years of raising a family and working on the ranch.  Then I wanted to sleep in and go to bed early, now I'm awake at the crack of dawn and don't want to go to bed until after the late news or the end of a late ballgame.  I find those pieceful quilting moments at 4:30 am to 9:00 pm or maybe even later.  Now if only I had the get up and go of those early years, because my head is crammed full of quilts to make, and designs to draw!

Ricky Polcer:
Since I am retired, I can sew/quilt anytime I choose.  My peaceful moments are anytime in the day when I can sit down with my two wonderful rescued greyhounds at my feet.  They are so comforting and the best friends I could ask for to quilt with :-) 

Lin Taylor:
After 7:30 PM is the most peaceful time to quilt for me.  I'm talking the assembly part of quilting.  I get home from work around 5:30, so by 7:30  of the phone calls are over (I've trained my kids and family to call me between 6:00 and 7:00  unless something is up), the news is watched, my belly is full, the dishes are done, I'm ready for tomorrow,  my pets are relaxed and 8:00 PM Prime time TV offers the best selection for background company.  I have up to 10:00 PM to do intensive work.   

From 10:00 to 10:30 I put things away and prep for the next day.  2 1/2 hours doesn't sound like much, but when it's uninterrupted a better focused mind surfaces and the work goes quicker with better accuracy and less rip-outs.  The key is pre-preparation and a plan.   I'm off on Fridays, so I plan and prep. for the week as far as what I want to accomplish, fabric/materials selections, pattern creation, layer & baste when I have something ready and do design work.  The only prep I do on weekdays is to get tomorrow's sewing organized.  You know, pull the fabrics, pattern, etc. to the front and study it a little thinking about how it's going to go together.  I try not to allow myself to start tomorrow's work early, believe it or not.  This is the best advice I have.  I have found that if this I do I get myself into a mindset of "nose to the grind wheel" and the emphasis becomes to beat my own plan instead of creating what I have envisioned with artistic accuracy.  If I do this it diminishes the quality of my work and I usually get to sleep too late.  If I finish my plan early, I work on something else, like hand work, or QCA time or just creative day dreaming.  On the weekends I work on whatever I feel like working on in between house work and "other life" activities.   

Another tip is not to get upset when the plan falls apart because plans always fall apart :)  Just pick it up where I left off is what I do.   

Suzanne Kauffman:
My Peaceful moments to quilt, are varied. Most of the time it's when my very energetic husband and son have left the house for a bike ride or tennis or any sport of the day, and I can think a whole thought through without intteruption.

But if those times get too seldom, then I get up after my husband has gone off to work (4:30 am) and sew my little heart out. It's quiet and the teenager doesn't surface untill much later. :)

I sew for a living too so my quilting is my time for self expression and developing new technics. For bring peace and tranquillity back to my mind. Awe nothing like a couple ofhours at the table and machine before the professional button has to ring.

Thanks for helping that creative outlet to happen with guidance.

Jan Seymour: After midnight, when the house is quiet and phone won't ring is the best time to get some quality quilting time in.  Getting in at least an hour before bed is a great way to end the day on a positive note and forget about the stress of the day.  

We moved recently and my sewing area is a 14' by 22' section of our finished basement.  I was overjoyed until I found out my husband would be working out of the house rather than getting a job in an office somewhere because his office is the room just off this section of the basement.  However, if I close the door to the office, I have hours of peach while he is working in his office doing design work.  However, if I want true peacefulness or need heavy concentration, I get up VERY early - around 4 a.m.  I can get about 2 to 3 hours of work done before my husband and two kids (ages 15 and 19) get up.   My daughter also sews, quilts and fashion sewing alike, and she shares this area with me.

Joan Archambeault:
No matter how hectic or frustrating or un-peaceful my sewing area becomes (at times it does!), this is far superior than having to use the dining room in our old tiny house where I had to allow time to set up the sewing and break it down while I sewed between meals! 

Lorraine Bahr:
I find my "pieceful" moments the minute my husband leaves the house to work in the yard!

Judy Baker
Since I am a widow and my grandchildren do not live near me - I can quilt just about whenever I want. However, I have a lot of other activities I am involved in so have to set aside a day - ½ day, etc. to get my projects done.  Just finished a cute purse with wiener dogs on it for a friend I will be visiting before long.  I enjoy quilting and giving them as gifts to friends and family.

CheRee Tanner:
I am new to quilting, but no stranger to sewing.  I have sewn/tailored clothing for not only my family, but many others including the local high school dance and sports teams and cheerleaders.  I am often asked to create a speical formal for high school dances so that it is a one-of-a-kind.  As the mother of very busy children, I find small projects that can be hand stitched/pieced on the go. 

My youngest son is a trap shooter and a large portion of the tournament scene is waiting for your turn on the line.  I plug in my music (to drown out the shotgun blasts) and grab my project and work away until he is up on the trap line. He travels all over the western US so I have plenty of time to work on projects, not to mention love the chance to find a new quilt shop to visit and then revisit when tournaments take us back that way. 

LuAnn Reinagle:
When my cat, Whitzy Woo IV, is napping.

Jane Stone:
I get my best quilting done while my husband is playing golf.  Thank goodness for the Senior Men's League!!  

Kathleen A Levis:
I have two "Peaceful Moments" in which to quilt.  They are very early in the morning before anyone else is up, and in the evening, after all have gone to bed.  Of course, I do "snatch" some quilting time occasionally during the day if my schedule permits.  Thanks for asking. 

Belinda Isbell:
The most peaceful time of day for me to quilt is early in the morning on weekends.  Everyone else is sleeping, except my golden retriever who joins me in my sewing room.  I can usually get in a couple of hours of sewing before the day begins.  On mornings I can do this, the rest of the day seems more productive.

Cindy Thompson:
I have a full time schedule with managing an active "from home" business and taking care of my 97 year old (and still quilting) Mother. While I would love to quilt every day that is not always possible.  I do find that if I start in the early morning my eyes and creative thoughts are fresh and ready to go. There is a great deal of peace afforded to the chirping of birds and a humming sewing machine before the demands of the day overtake me. Thank you for asking

Denise Garceau:
Hi! I work full time outside of the home so my favorite time to quilt can be whenever I get a moment. However, I think early morning quilting (6:00 a.m.) is probably my favorite time; fresh coffee, morning song from the birds, sun beginning to climb, quiet and peaceful, and the day just smells fresh and new.

Mary Wagner:
My daughter and grandson live with us. So, peaceful moments may seem to be few and far between.  I love to quilt at different times of day depending on my mood, the weather, the project......So, I have set up a playroom adjacent to the quilting center and allow him to play close to me while I work.  Because he is a curious and active 4 year old, I have also set up a "quilitng" table for him with scissors adn clothand paper and crayons and glue.   He creates his quilts while I work on mine!   However, my favorite time of day is when he sleeps, especially in the evening. He loves the hum of the machine and often wants to know if I am going to be using the sewing machine when he goes ot bed...   

Sylvia Cole:
Hello to my quilting friends. My most peaceful moment is early in the morning when when my body tells me I have slept enough, be it 4 hours or a full eight hours. I  brew a good cup of coffee to take with me as I climb the stairs up to my sewing hideout.  I open the patio doors out to the deck to take in the fresh morning air and hear the  my feathered friends warm their singing chirps for an early morning concert and then I began working on the current project,

The moments that I have there in my hideout are so productive at that time of the day;
    Fresh air,
        Singing birds
                My sewing machine stitching away......................
    Ahh such "Precious moments"  

Sunday, rested from the work week. I put on my country western music, and everyone knows not to enter. I have a whole room to myself and hours to sew, nothing can beat that for peaceful moments.    

Helen Petrik:
I have a family of Kansas State University football fanatics, including daughters-in law who aren't even KSU grads!  They come home for every home game and trek out to the stadium with my husband for several of hours of tailgating before the game, no matter how hot or cold it might be.  Alas, I do not like all....and believe me, I've tried.  When I did attend a game, I'd sit amidst the deafening noise thinking about what I could be accomplishing at home.  So, with my husband's blessing (I don't think he appreciated my inattentiveness to the game, considering the price of a ticket), I now send everyone off to the game, with plenty of tailgate goodies to eat.  Then I find my peaceful/pieceful moments in my sewing room, planning, cutting or putting quilts together, usually with iced tea and chocolate close at hand.  It just doesn't get any better!  When my family members all come back from the game, we are all happy, having spent time doing what we love most.  Besides, do you realize how much fabric you can buy for the price of one major college football ticket?  Life is good!  

Ann Marie Oswalt:
My favorite time to quilt is on Sunday afternoon.  I'm watching the Astros play baseball & sew at the same time. Nothing could be better.

Sally Lee:
I like to quilt in the early afternoon just after sharing lunch with my husband.  I reserve the morning for getting errands done, checking e-mail, and jobs around the house.  Quilting is my reward time.

Deborah Minard:
My peaceful (pieceful) moment is after supper when hubby is watching the news.  I try to get at least an hour each evening.  It's my time!  Amazing how much can be accomplished in that short a period of time.  This past year I've completed two baby quilts, a twin sized quilt, a wool bed rug (purchased from Keepsake Quilting) and a Christmas themed queen sized quilt (kit from Joann with my own embellishments).

Joanne Baker:
Being a confirmed night owl, my favorite time to quilt is after my family has gone to bed.  It is quiet and, most important, there are no interruptions.  I put on some peaceful music, and sew I go.   

Sally Lee:
I like to quilt in the early afternoon just after sharing lunch with my husband.  I reserve the morning for getting errands done, checking e-mail, and jobs around the house.  Quilting is my reward time.   Karen Clauser: I've found that immediately after dinner my son and husband disappear (probably for fear of being asked to help with the dishes!!!) They are full and content for the moment and so I put the leftovers away and sneak off to quilt for 45 min. - 1 hour.  Then I do the dishes during the
commercials of evening sitcoms (there's plenty of time!).

Barbara Havershaw:
I have been quilting for a year and a half and love my new hobby.  I am working on a quilt for each of my triplet grandchildren, age 9.  I try to quilt during the day; but, the most peaceful time for me to quilt is every night after I tuck my Collie-mix, Sasha, into bed at 11 p.m., until I go to bed at 2 a.m.   Not only is she not pestering me, but the phone isn't ringing and no one is coming to the door.  Even the postal carrier has retired for the night.  Peace to piece, at last!  

Ida Hansen:
Since both of us are retired, my peaceful moments are usually in the morning when my husband is working in his garden.  At other times, requests for me to 'do' something come frequently.

Tennye GiOtis:
When I want to quilt I find it the most peaceful in the mornings when all of my family is out working. I enjoy the time without interruptions, and having to go feed someone or wash the dishes or the clothes. My cats and I are in the sewing room just doing our thing.

Even though I'm "retired" from the everyday work day, I have 5 grandchildren, a part time job, a dog that requires some attention and a husband that appreciates my quilting "hobby", time is precious.  I manage to find some time (almost) everyday to get some time for quilting.  Those hours are precious and go by soooo fast!  Enjoy them when you can!

My peaceful quilting moments happen in the early morning before anyone gets up. With eight people living in the house and that includes four grandchildren I have found my most creative quilting times when everyone is asleep. I sometimes manage some peaceful moments when the children ( all girls) are watching those tv shows that early teen girls enjoy. They don't even know that I have left the room.

Beckie C.:
Right after my shower, just after the evening news. Still sufficient daylight. Temps are cooler. Nothing on television during summer and between winter seasons. Doing anything else renders diminished returns, while I can fall asleep and dream about my quilt designing.  

Ann "V":
Any time that I can make my way to my sewing room is a peaceful time to sew. I have been known to even forget to eat!  It fills me with a calming peace and allows me to forget the worries and concerns that life has a way of dropping in our path.

Joyce Bradstreet: 
I find the morning the most peaceful time to go upstairs and quilt.       

In the evening I love to quilt  and  relax after a busy day with my granddaughter. I can sleep soooo much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try taking one hour a night for ME TIME. 

Linda Danehy:
I'm up every morning at five, before the sun rises.  I fix a thermos, a travel cup of coffee, and a lunchbox for my husband.  After he leaves for work, I take a few hours for myself.  I throw open the windows to let in the cool, crisp air, and hear the first birdsong of the day.  I pour myself a cup of coffee, change the morning news to music, and set up my sewing machine.  My sewing supplies, rulers, rotary cutter and ironing station are close at hand.   With the sun coming up and the morning growing brighter, I finish up my morning project.  By the time my neighbors set out for their day, I've already accomplished one of my daily goals.  I have a smile on my face and am so thrilled when my day starts with a "pieceful moment."   





gini wrote re: July Member Survey Winners - Peaceful Moments
on Monday, 9 August 2010, 9:44 PM

congrats to the winners    gini

Carey wrote re: July Member Survey Winners - Peaceful Moments
on Sunday, 24 July 2011, 11:50 AM

I actually find either in the morning or late evening when noone else is up or home to be the most peaceful. I put on some soothing music or inspirational (whatever gets your juices going) and just sit with a coffee or ice tea for a few moments to collect myself and thoughts and then I start quilting.

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