How to Start a Group on QCA

We are thrilled that so many of you are discovering the power of groups among the Quilters Club of America community. Since many more of you might be interested in starting a group of your own, we are posting some guidelines on how to get a new group started...and assure its continued success.


1. Ask yourself whether the subject would benefit from having a separate group. If interest in the subject is not strong, perhaps a discussion in the main forums will do.

2. Post a thread in the forums and ask if others are interested in your group idea. For a group to be successful, it almost always needs one or two champions who are willing to get the group started and actively engage new members who join the group.

3. If the group is project based (like a BOM or Mystery Quilt), decide who will organize the project and/or moderate the group.

4. If the group is not project based (like the Applique Group), consider what activities will create interestand participation inthe group.

5. Put in a request to the Admin to get your group set up. Be ready to provide the following information:

  • Group Name, description and suggested group avatar image
  • Who will post initial content and/or moderate the group
  • Which group features are needed: Discussions, Media Gallery, Moderator Blog, etc.
  • If a pattern is being used, confirm whether any permissions needto be granted for its use

6. Jump in and get the conversations going. We'll provide training if your group moderator(s) needs to control the blogs, pages or discussion threads.

7. Keep activity in the group strong with new topics, photos, group challenges, etc.

8. Let our admins know if your group needs help! We are always willing to lend a hand.

You can find these tips and more information about QCA Groups in the Frequently Asked Questions  section of the site: Participating in Groups

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