Episode 11 of Quilt Out Loud: Civil War Quilts and More!

Jodie and Mark introduce the show from the Turning Point exhibit at the Atlanta History Center. One of the nation’s largest and most complete Civil War exhibitions, Turning Point depicts the war through the eyes of soldiers and civilians. One of the civilians was Carrie Berry, a little girl whose story of remaining in Atlanta through the war and tending to daily chores such as sewing, is preserved here in her diary. The theme of “preserving the pieces, preserve the stories” continues throughout the episode.

 In the second segment, Susan Neil, VP of Collections and Exhibitions at the Atlanta History Center, invites Mark to her workroom, a rare opportunity. Susan has chosen a few quilts to show Mark, each of which has a story to tell.  Susan shares those stories and addresses some truths and myths surrounding quilts and their history.

Watch it now. Go to, sign and and click on the Quilt Out Loud! logo on your home page.


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