April Member's Survey Winners

Congratulations to our April Member's Survey Winners!

In case you missed it, here is April's Survey Question:

Each year, we create a new premium item for our QCA members (100 Quilting Tips on DVD is what we've used in the past). We're going to be creating a brand new premium DVD for quilters this year - and we'd like to know:

What should the ideal QCA DVD premium contain?

Should it include a 101 quilt blocks with video instructions on how to make them? Should it include quick and easy quilting gifts to make for friends and family? Do you want more tips? If so, what kinds of tips? Do you want instruction? If so, what kind of instruction? We really appreciate your opinion!

And here are the winning three entries selected at random from all of the responses we received.

Member Linda Davis would love to see video instruction for beginners:

  • I would love to see the 101 quilt blocks with instructions.
  • I would like to see easy quilting gifts with instructions.
  • I would like to see videos showing instructions for different quilt blocks as I am a beginner quilter & I have trouble understanding instructions but do better with seeing.  I work so I can't attend classes.
  • I would like video on using rulers & other quilting accessories.
  • I would like video in 1, 2, 3 directions & easy to understand for beginners
  • I would like to see video on fabrics & learning about shading with them for quilts.

Member Stephanie Divino wants tips for a quilting problem common to all of us!: 

"I would like to see a DVD that helps you "fix" or "undo" mistakes once you have made them......we have all made these mistakes often when the project is completed or near completion....for example, I had pieced all of my blocks together and realized that one of the hourglass blocks was turned the wrong way....of course it was not on the edge....oh no!!!! it was almost exactly in the hindsight I wished that I had just come up with some kind of applique to fix this one but I ended up just taking that one block out, turning it and resewing it back into the middle of the quilt....don't know if there was an easier way or not.  Also some tips and tricks with videos on various ways to finish a quilt including pieced borders would be fun too.  Thanks for letting me have an opinion."

Finally, member Maggie Klenke gets right to the point:

"I like the idea of the quilt blocks with instructions.  That leaves the door open to a lot of creativity in using them but the basics are there."  

Each of these winning members receive a gift certificate from our sponsor Keepsake Quilting. Thanks to everyone who participated!



gini wrote re: April Member's Survey Winners
on Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 2:49 PM

congrats to all of you    they were great tips   gini

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