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Butterfly watering station

Just wanted to share my weekend project with everyone. 

I have been wanting to attract butterflies to my garden. I found an article on the subject and it said to make a watering station and surround it with flowers that attract butterflies.

 This is what I came up with.

I bought a 16 " terracotta saucer, a 14" terracotta pot,  one can of blue spray paint, and a tube of ceramic glue.

I spray painted the pot and saucer and let it dry.  Then I got out my stencils, brushes and paints and painted the design on. I glued the saucer to the bottom of the pot and wala!!  a butterfly watering station.  I filled the saucer with a mixture of sand and top soil. soaked it with water and added small river stones to it for little islands so the butterflies have a place to rest while they drink.  Monday I will go and buy the plants to go around it. 


Marie said:

Soooo cute, love it, nice job.


# July 8, 2012 9:18 AM