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finished sewing room

It is Finally Finished.!!!!!


This portion of the East Wall holds more cubes of fabric yardage, and all my pattern boxes.


This portion of the East wall has my built in cutting station, and all my fat quarters in small plastic creates from Walmart

this wall has my window, all my totes, and an EZ view craft desk on a set of table legs. With a shelf above the window for storing decorative boxes full of crafts

west wall is the office side of the sewing room. With book shelves and cbinets. and easy view sewing desk being used as a regular desk.

new sewing cabinet with cubes and shelving full of UFO's

This is the cabinet opened up with just the sewing machine set up


This is the cabinet completely opened with the extension up, and the serger on it.

This is a built in cutting station

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pineapple quilt

One of my friends in quilt group gave me a container with half of the blocks done with the rest of the material and the pattern book. It was given to here, and she knew it wasn't her colors and she knew it wasn't my colors either. However, she knew that I would finish it. Now I will give it to another quilter in our group, and she will long arm quilt it.

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sewing room phase 2

I  grew very weary of not being in the sewing room, and mom needed her storage shed back. Sooo..... I moved in without the walls being finished. It is so nice to be able to sew again and just leave everything out.  Thought I would share some photos with you. Please look beyond or ignore the unfinished walls The room measures  11.5 X 10.5 so it is small.
 this is the fat quarter wall or walls.  I have a built in cutting table. It is so nice.
 I used two radius book shelves for the corner shelving. 
 The brown shelves are also corner radius shelves. I group them together with three of them horizontal to hold books and patterns. the other two I hung vertically to create shelving. All three tables are Life time tables. 
 The ironing board hangs behind the door out of the way and out of site. When I am sewing, I set it up in the hallway outside the sewing room.  Grandmas treadle sewing machine fits nicely between my two stacks of cubical shelving.
For this, I bought cube moduals. the cubes are 13X13, and I got them from Wayfair. There are 14 cubs in two stacks.  I bought laminated shelving to go between the two stack. This created a space for my tubs  (I store all my UFO's ,two inch strips, charm packs, and ten inch squares in them), and my TV monitor.
There is one extra cube next to the monitor that houses all my spool thread for my serger.  
 There are 21 more 13X13 cubicles. on this wall from floor to ceiling. This left a 12 inch gap. To utilize this space, I  put a close rod on top of the cubes, and hung my quilt tops up on hangers. Beneath that and on the opposite wall , I stacked my pattern boxes.
Below are three panoramic pics of the whole room.

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Bonnie Hunter Celtic Mystery quilt

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What a year
It has now been a year sense Wonder bread...

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Baby Quilt for grand niece

I made this for DH's grand niece. I hope to

be able to give it to her today.

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Marathon Day

I have been training for the Ogden half Marathon for the past four months. Today was race day.  I walked it in 3 hr 43 Min.(13.1 miles)  In pouring rain!!! It was a great day and a nice walk down our canyon and then to down town Ogden.

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5 baby quilts in a week and a half

4 cheater quilts and one pieced. all machine quilted.

We had 5 teachers that are or have had babies this year at our school.  We had a huge baby shower for all of them last Friday. 

I had the brilliant idea to make them each a baby quilt.  WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!

I got all of them done in a week and a half.

Here they are.


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Sew Steady Table has finally arrived

My Sew Steady table has been on back order for so long that I had forgotten I ordered it.

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2013 Teton Patchwork quilt retreat


Hi Girls,

I'm back from Retreat!!!

I had a great  time. I completed 4 projects.  

The first is this fantastic picture of us at retreat. Mary Lee took the picture. Mad a copy for each of us, and gave us some scrap book paper to make a Back ground and a little cut out sewing machine to put on the picture with a picture frame. Here is mine

Next is a UFO. 

It is a little Jumper made from a jelly roll for My cousin's daughter.

The third project is on the wall next to the jumper. we were given an embroiderer piece of fabric. I made a heart out of mine because it was Valentines day, put it in the the center of a block of material on point and added a border. 

The fourth project is a UFO I started at the Leavenworth retreat in 2011. It is a throw for the back of My Best friends couch.

thought that you all might like a little eye candy as well

My friend Jan made this quilt. It is hand applique 

She does such beautiful work


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two of three for MQ7


Here is the second one for MQ7.



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first of three for MQ7

Yesterday, I finished the first of three MQ7 tops.  It is so nice to be set back up downstairs until the quilt room is finished.  Hope I will have the sewing room finished by summer.  DH has a promising job lead with Brinks security. If all goes well, and they hire him soon, I will still have the money to finish the sewing room.

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Featherweight find of the year.

My friend Kay that is in patches with me, came to sewing two weeks ago, and said that here neighbor showed her a fetherweight and was going to give it to her. Kay told here that she thought it was worth quite alot and she would go to quilting and talk to the ladies about it. At the time Kay did not know it was a featherweight.  She asked us about it and went back to her neighbor and told her what it was and that she could find a buyer for it. (Kay only serge's and didn't want it)  This is an unbelievable find. It is in mint condition.  It is a 1957 and has no wear what so ever.  The case and machine look brand new.

This is Marylee the proud new owner of the machine.


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Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for this year?

I would like to see everyone write a post on what you are thankful for this past year.

I am thankful  that I have a roof over my head

I am thankful that I have my family here with me.

I am thankful that I live in the USA.

I am thankful that I have a job.

I am thankful for my sons

I am thankful for a loving husband

and I thank God for all that I have

on the lighter side:.....

I  am thankful that I have a fabric stash so that I can continue to quit.

I am thankful that I have two groups of quilting friends.  (all of you and My ladies in Patches and peace makers)

May God bless each and every one of you this holiday season.


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fall mountains

We have been shrouded in a blanket of smoke for more than a week. It has been so thick that we could not see the mountains.  Remember that I live at the foot of the mountains, and I could not see them from my front yard.  Today when we all woke up, the smoke had cleared out and this is what we saw.  The mountains had become very vibrant with color.





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