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I have a neat story to share with you all tonight:

We have a lady in our quilt group. Her name is Kay.

She makes scrappy quilts on her serger. She doesn't use her sewing machine except for binding. and her long arm for quilting. she has made hundreds of these quilts.  she has been with us a little over a year and I know that she has made15 scene then.  She had mentioned one night that she was reaching the end of her scrapes. I got to thinking about all the scraps that I have. Now those of you who know me,know that I will never use my them.  I went to the storage shed(yes everything is still in storage) and brought her one of the very large totes of scraps.  she was so excited.  Tonight at our monthly meeting during show and tell, She showed a lap size quilt made out of some of the scraps that I had given her.  After showing it to everyone, she brought it to me and said. "this is for you so that you will have a memory of all the quilts you have made.  I darn near burst into tears. It is wonderful. And I will use it well.


Published Tue, Aug 7 2012 10:28 PM by Wendy

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# re: scrappy quilt gift@ Wednesday, August 8, 2012 9:37 AM

What a wonderful gift! And a wonderful lady too!

I personally love scrappy quilts and love it when folks give me bags of scraps. I even use the small pieces . It looks like she does pretty much what I do. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you will enjoy it for a long time. And everytime you use it and look at the fabrics, it will spark a memory.

God bless and may you have many more.

Hugs, Linda


# re: scrappy quilt gift@ Wednesday, August 8, 2012 6:48 PM

How lovely that she gave the quilt with your scraps to you. Lovely story.


# re: scrappy quilt gift@ Thursday, August 9, 2012 7:03 PM

I had a tear in my eye reading this. It was a wonderful gesture on your part to take her the tub of scraps, and look what she turned around and did with them and gifted this beautiful quilt back to you. Her sentiment in wanting you to have a memory of the quilts you have made brought the tears. I hope you enjoy your beautiful quilt for many years to come and the memories bring a smile everytime you look at it.