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North Ogden mini retreat

Every year eight of our ladies from my quilt group, Patches-n-peace makers, go to a retreat over presidents day week end. They go to Driggs Idaho for four days.  This year, My dear sweet friend Audrey opened her home up for those of us who couldn't go.  We totaled four in all. We had plenty of food and conversation and we each did a little bit of quilting. 

This is my friend Audrey on the Right. On the left is Marilyn,  she is explaining to us how to make the hot pad that she is holding.


Marilyn is busy sewing. she sewed more than the rest of us. I just talked most of the time.  It was the first time I had spent time with these ladies for two months due to all the illness with my DH and I. so I had lots to say.

Audrey's Husband was a fine woods craftsman and had a wood working shop in a shed in their driveway.  Audrey felt that this would make a good place for her to put her long arm and studio after her husbands passing.  A group of men from our church that helps widows and single moms, have been working diligently to make this a reality for her. She gave us a sneak peek at the progress they are making . She  talked to us about what her plan is for that space. Here we are standing in the shed.

Audrey has not used her long arm. Her and her daughter bought it together. Sadly six months after they bought it, Her Daughter died of Brain Cancer. That was five years ago. Audrey is finally getting to the point in her grief process to where she has been taking long arm classes and is ready to start using it.

This is the quilt that I worked on at Audrey's it is a little bid further along than this pic, but I want to wait until I finish the top to post another one.  This is the fabric that I won from the summer block challenge contest.


Published Sun, Feb 26 2012 2:08 PM by Wendy


# re: North Ogden mini retreat@ Monday, February 27, 2012 10:33 AM

Wendy, Audry's story really touched my heart. I pray she will be able to start quilting in her new space on her long arm soon. I bought my long arm a little over a year ago and was diagnosed with cancer 4 days before they delivered it. I am doing some quilting on it. I have 7 quilts I am determined to finish for my grandchilren.

I'm happy that you and your friends were able to get together for some quilting and fellowship. Your quilt is going to be very pretty..


# re: North Ogden mini retreat@ Monday, February 27, 2012 9:47 PM

Thanks Spud, It was actually her Daughter Terry that I was friends with. She introduced me to her mother and got her to start cumming to quilting.

Terry and I had a lot in common. We didn't meet until 15 years ago, but our teen years were both filled with bad decisions and reckless lives.