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Wasatch front shop hop

This is a picture of  Patches n peacemakers on our shop hop in front of Quilts ect..


these are pic of my favorite shop hop quilts. each quilt has a theme. They did story books this year.  There are 14 blocks in each quilt. one for each store.


Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

The Great Gatsby

 Murder on the Orient Express

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Celebrating 75 years

Today was a fun day in our fair city.  We are celebrating being a city for 75 years this week.  Today was Downtown 1936.  Now you must know that downtown is three blocks.

My Friend Robert owns a fully restored 1914 two story home. And he gave tours to everyone. He also own Burch Creek Mercantile. ( The local ice cream parlor).  Several other businesses participated too.  We watched old movies at the theater house, Had two salons doing hair and makeup, and the wig shop was doing old time pictures from the 30's.

All this excitement got me ta thinkin.  Now I am a vintage type of Gal, Sooo believe it or not I went to my closet and put an outfit together for myself, put it on, and went down town.


Here I am at my friend vintage house.  (I should have taken pics of the inside) It is full of Victorian 1900 stuff. I don't think that all of it is his. I think the city helped him decorate for the celebration. I could be wrong.


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New quilts from My groupies

I wanted to share the wonderful treasures that our quilt gals have been finishing up

 each of the blocks is hand embroidered by a woman in her 80's she was the mother-in-law of the woman standing on the right in this photo.


 The woman standing on the left in this photo made this quilt. she is one of our seasoned quilters.

she does exquisite work.

 This is a strip quilt made out of a jelly roll. This is this ladies 3rd quilt. She is a newbie. The jelly roll only had

five different fabrics in it.

this is another string quilt.  We have all done this one either as a group doing a block swap or individually.

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