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flood watch in Utah

We woke up to an inch of snow on the ground this morning. and 42 degree temps. It has been raining for the past 2 hours so the snow is of course gone.

The mountains however have had three days of snow. I don't know what the totals are. I do know that it is about a foot more. All the reservoirs here are full and going over the spillways. We haven't even started the snow pack melt down yet. It is getting very scary around here. I fortunately am on high ground. however. Birch creek does run down our street through a pipe, and we can get ground water. One of the spillways for our smallest reservoir has a crack in it that we are all concerned about. If it gives, it could send a 20 foot wall of water rushing down to the pineview reservoir. That reservoir is full and going over its spillway. It could be disastrous for our little mountain valley townships 15 miles up the canyon, and a bigger disaster for Ogden. So please pray that the crack holds through the run off period and that they can fix it this fall.

The following pictures are of causy reservoir spillway

the red circle is where the crack in the spill way is. It is about 20 Ft down.




Spring has come to the Wasatch front

  you all know how much I enjoy gardening, I wanted to share my latest addition to the front flower bed. I love tea and I collect Tea Pots. When I saw these at Wal Mart I couldn't pass them up. They were so adorable.



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