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MQ4 Compleat

this was by far my favorite MQ The journey was a delight.  It is the first one that I figured out before we were to the last step. I, as a general, rule try very hard not to do that. . But this time it must have been meant to be. The best time I ever had putting a design into EQ and playing with it.  

        I have down loaded the instruction for MQ1 so that I could start it. I have a collection of Victorian era fabrics that I am going to use for that. It will go to my sister-in-law. She had a scare with breast cancer two years ago that was a life changing experience for her and my Brother. I thought that it would be a nice comfort quilt for her.


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Too many UFO's

Can you say too many UFO's?
I am in the process of packing up my studio for a major remodel.
I found this stack of UFO's. (Unfinished Objects)There are a total of 13 quilts that I have stared in that stack. I probably have enough work there to last me two years.

  1. Baby quilt for my cousins baby who is now 2
  2. block of the month quilt top (working on a paper piece border to put on it.)
  3. Three stack -n-wack quilts
  4. La Moyne Star quilt
  5. My sons Bed Quilt
  6. My other sons Bed Quilt
  7. Two wall hangings
  8. The biggest container holds enough material to make three picnic quilts.

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spring run off

I have taken pictures of the water levels of one of our two rivers you can check out the pictures at The Quilted Teacup.

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I'm getting caught up

here is step  step five and step 6


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