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DS #3 block quilt.

Well...... I have the green tumbling blocks done and the purple tumbling blocks done.  Started on the blue blocks yesterday. Hope to finish them up by Tueday. Then onto the red.  lets seee. <over 2500 pieces. Sooo... that leaves me about ... lets see 2500 - 685= yep 1800 or so to go.    <Am I realy making progress?

this is the EQ design

here are the actual blocks

Posted Sun, Feb 27 2011 6:36 PM by Wendy | 4 comment(s)

ready for spring

Well I think that I am ready for spring. We have had an extra cold winter this year.  We had our February thaw this past week and it has given me spring fever. It did snow yesterday however.  Most of it has melted off already.  The next storm is due to hit on Monday.  I still can't sew because of my neck and upper back but I am getting some relief. I am however able to sit on the couch and hand quilt. I have almost got a UFO completed that I have been hand quilting. Can't wait to finish and post a picture.

Posted Thu, Feb 17 2011 5:22 PM by Wendy | 4 comment(s)