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Happy Halloween!! 2010

here are the new pictures for Halloween 2010.  We started out with a beautiful Rainbow courtesy of God, and the rain he sent.  We had about 40 guests this year. I'm not positive on the count of trik or teaters, but I would say there were a good 150 to 200 that stopped by on Saturday. I was running behind and still had the zipper to put in my costume at 6:30. The guests arrived at 6:00!!! I didn't get pictures of them though.   I was in costume and playing host by 7:35. Whew. The evening was a blast. I told DH that he couldn't invited any more new people next year. The house was bursting at the seams. 40- people in a house that only had 600 Sq feet on the one level, gets mighty cramped.





My first attempt at a luminary pumpkin.

I made the umbrella cover. that was fun.






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OH The Chaos

you know it's a wonder I get anything done. Well I'll just have to tidy up abit before I continue.


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