The Quilted Teacup

A quilters journey
questions about me

1. As a quilter, I wish I could...    Get published

2. My favorite part of quilting is...   Creating warmth for other people

3. If you saw my stash, you would notice... That I love paisley and coordinating fabrics

4. I find myself drawn to...   traditional block quilts

5. My favorite colors are...  I love fall colors burnt orange, burnt red,green,purple,yellow,ect... because... I love fall, It is the best time of year for me

6. Colors I rarely use are... because... muted colors, girly colors.

7. I challenge myself by...  Thin outside the box

8. My favorite quilt I've made is... bridging the centuries.  From the December 2000 issue of APQ  because... It was the first quilt I made for me.

9. Outside of quilting, one wonderful thing about me is...  I love people and I love to here about them and their life's journey. 

Published Sun, Mar 28 2010 11:07 AM by Wendy