The Quilted Teacup

A quilters journey

A quilters Journy

In 1995, a woman from our church had the inspiration to start a quilt group. I was one of 7 women who made up that quilt group. We have over 30 members now and are growing all the time. There are still 5 of the original 7 that show up every Tuesday evening to quilt.

When I first started, My husband and I had very little. We had been through some rough times, with some of the hardest times still ahead of us. This didn't stop me however.  I scrapped up enough money to buy me a small cutting mat and a rotary cutter. I still have and use both. I lived behind a fabric store (how convenient) and I already had fabric because I used to be a seamstress. My first quilt was a rail fence for my sons crib. I didn't stop at the quilt; I did the whole nursery in that fabric collection. We had Sea Babies galore.  The first project that we undertook in quilting was not an easy one. Our fearless leader, God bless her, chose the Biblical blocks quilt by Rosemary Makhan. I am happy to report that I am finally, 15 years later, appliquéing the last border, and hope to have the top completed this year sometime.

Five years ago, I started to design quilts using EQ6. If you EQ, I would love to chat with you. I have designed a whole wall series called "A Quilt for Each Month". I have designed and finished six other quilt projects using the program.

Last year I made a resolution to get all my UFO's finished, Yeh right. The bible quilt is one of them you see how far I got on that. I don't think that you can truly call yourself a quilter if you don't have a few... I mean a dozen UFO's. I love making the quilt tops. I just wish that there was a quilt fairy that would finish the rest for me.

I hope to keep your interest as I go along my quilt journey. May you come and visit quite often and may God Bless you each and every day

God Bless