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Thoughts for today

I am contemplating long arm machine or new Bernina sewing machine.  Which will be better for the home quilter?  I see benefits of the new Bernina over my current machine, but wonder if a long arm would be better.  I know the one drawback of the long arm is the extra space because of the frame.  The bigger question is where am I going to get the money to finance either one.....

When can I sew again?  This is a rhetorical question since right now I am watching my girls  and a friend play in the pool.

Does anyone know where to find quilt blocks about manatees?  I have one .  There is another I would like but can't get my hands on it (shop in Florida is out when I visit Florida).  I may have to break down and order it on line.  I would like to eventually make an entire quilt with manatee blocks.

I  need to make a dish to pass for dinner tonight...no idea what I am going to make...not sure what is even in my cupboards.  I am leaning toward pasta salad.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather.









gini said:

no , i'm not enjoying the 90 degrees.  tomorrow will be cooler.  i'm off to the pool to meet friends, i'll be a little less crabby when i've  cooled off.   gini

# August 4, 2009 2:49 PM

Kathy Willhite said:

Sorry Gini,  

It's only in the low 80's here.

# August 4, 2009 3:01 PM